Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Easy Dessert Idea!

Peppermint Trifle

1 Devil's Food Cake Mix 
1 Large Package Instant Chocolate Fudge pudding
2 small containers whipped cream
Red food coloring

1 cup powdered sugar
1 package crushed candy canes

Make cake according to directions on the box.  Let cool completely and cut into 1" squares.  Make pudding by adding 1/2 cup more milk than package calls for. You want it to be a little bit thinner and more of it. Mix powdered sugar and whipping cream until thick.  Add food coloring until you get your desired color.  (*You could use cool whip instead for a lighter version!)

In a trifle dish or punch bowl, cover the bottom evenly with 1/3 of the cake squares.  Cover the cake with 1/3 of the pudding.  Next add the whipping cream and then a thin layer of crushed candy canes!  Repeat!  In my dish I could only layer everything twice.  You want to make sure you end up with a pretty layer of crushed candy canes on top!

Served chilled - it looks so pretty and tastes yummy!


TAMI said...

Looks delish!!

kjtroxel said...

It tasted as lovely as it looks!