Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back to the Trip

I know this may be boring to some but I have to finish out the trip...this is sort of a family journal for me after all.
St. Louis! I made the boys jump out - got their picture and then jump back in! They thought I was being silly when really, we just didn't have a lot of time!
Gorgeous view of The Arch! We had a great time the night before at a place called Fitz's meeting up with some of my on-line friends. I have known these amazing women since I was pregnant with Graham and had NEVER met them until that night. Six of them showed up to meet our crazy family for dinner and I thought it was so sweet of them to drive as far as 30-40 minutes to just have dinner with us. Now I have a new love of fried pickles too - mmmm!

Afterward Dan obliged my request to drive through this fantastic neighborhood of older homes on The Loop (McPherson I think? for anyone who knows that area?)

Sigh - I would LOVE to have a house like that!
But not this one. This was funny/cool bar we passed downtown.
We spent that morning at the zoo. FABULOUS if you ever get the chance to go, do! It makes our zoo in Salt Lake look like a garbage dump. Oh, and theirs is FREE!
The boys loved the bug.
"Mom, I can ride the cheetah with NO FEET!" Greg was sad that the cheetahs were not to be seen that day. We tried several times but with no luck.
Lauren's first carousel ride. She was really nervous and then started to grin and wave at her dad every time we passed him. That must be a human instinct - to know to wave every time you go around.
Graham not wanting me to take his picture. He was excited to ride but then I think he decided he might be too "cool" for this.
Had to throw in my kick butt photog skills (ha!) But isn't my bee picture cool? They were huge!!

More trip the rest of the week - it was a long trip friends.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Oh I wish I had known you were here in my St. Louis! Glad you had a wonderful time, it's a great city!

Anonymous said...

Cute post. But more importantly, I am so glad that your Graham is going to marry my Taylor. WE will have the CUTEST grandkids!!!!

Jenny said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while now so it's neat to see that you visited my neck of the world. Isn't our zoo great??! And I often visit the Loop area to look at houses, too... what an awesome area. Oh, and Fitz's is great for kids... did you know that you can buy the bottled root beer at local grocery stores? Anywho, glad you enjoyed your visit!