Friday, September 12, 2008

One Down,,,

One to go!!

Greg did not think baseball was all that hot. But he did great on his last game. He went out and played without Grandpa, Dan or I in the field with him. He even hit a line drive on one of his last times up. His coach had twin 11 year old boys who were earning a Scouting badge and coaching was part of their time for that. I thought that was a great idea!
Running the bases!
His very first trophy!
He would've done about anything to get that trophy! I'm just proud of him for sticking with it. Sweet boy came and snuggled with me in bed this morning. He brought his trophy with him and had it on my nightstand to look at. He's been showing it to everyone who will look at it today.

One more game on Monday night and I can officially breathe again. It's been a rough month. BUt the kids have had SO much..ok, Graham has had SO much fun. Greg has hated most of it!


keysha said...

Way to stick with it Greg! And the trophy is the best part! (Now have fun collecting those for the next 15 years Kristen)!

Parker said...

Congratulations. Validation and trophies are the best. I need a trophy for doing the laundry. I'm proud of you and the boys. You all deserved a trophy.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Don't you just love fall and the beginning of kids sports.

Hey, did you ever come and get your award from my blog? Just copy it and save it as a pciture and then you can post it. You deserve it so come and get it.

Trisha Paddock said...

How cute is he!!!