Friday, July 25, 2008

Hobby Lobby Deals!

I don't brave this store with 3 kids very often, because, well, if you've been you've seen all the breakable things inbetween what seems each and every corner and aisle. But when I hear they were having their 90% off sale, I booked it over there last week!

I got these two little green trees for a grand total of $4.25 for BOTH!!

They were cute but I gave them a coat of black spray paint and now they are just waiting to find a home!

I also scored this $50.00 wooden frame for $5.00!!!
I felt like the biggest dork hauling this out of the store, it is HUGE and barely fit in the back of my mini-van!
I think it measures 4 feet by almost 3 feet. I am painting this also to become a bulletin board for the boys artwork in the toy loft.

Don't you love a great deal?!!


Nicol said...

I LOVE the trees! I came out with some pretty good deals this past week too! You got to love Hobby Lobby!

Rae said...

WARNING: I am about to pout. I WANT A HOBBY LOBBY!!! I LOVE that store!! It's soooooo unfair!! I love the deals you scored...just wish I could score some deals myself! :)

Chris said...

Oh yeah! I'm high-fiving you right now!! Mine didn't have those trees! Hmph. Show off that bulletin board when you're done. I think they're a pain in the arse to do, so I need some new insight!

Melissa said...

I heart Hobby Lobby! We lived in Sioux Falls, SD for a while and my hubby and I shopped there frequently! Great prices and incredible smelling candles!!! I miss it! Awesome paint job.

Thank you so much for coming by today! I hope to see you again.

Kitty said...

You SCORED! I love what you did with the little tree's. Horray for spray paint.

Kim said...

I love that frame!! So many possibilities with it!!

thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!! I hope you visit again!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Lucky girl... you got some neat stuff... cant wait to see where you put them... have a great weekend! Susie h~

kjtroxel said...

Such a cool store with a too obvious name (sounds too much like a guy store.)
Let me know what you figure out for the bulletin board. How to make it etc...I'd love to make one.
The trees are perfect!

Rhea said...

Oh, yes, I love good deals! It's such a good feeling to buy things you want at good prices.

Congrats on being on the Saucy blog list at SITS!!

Tiffany said...

I LOVE hobby Lobby. When we left CO for CA, this was the hardest thing to leave behind (that and Heather, my neighbor).

Thanks for sharing. I am going to go take a moment for myself. And cry.

Kim Hancock said...

Great finds! How is Greg doing? Hope he is recovering well with lots of hugs, kisses & popsicles!

Unknown said...

Those are GREAT Deals! I really wish we had a Hobby Lobby.