Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Fishies

The boys started their swim lessons today! I was surprised to see how well Greg did since he does not love the water. But he took off like a little fishie and even jumped from the side of the pool!
Graham maybe should've been in the next level up. But he said he was happy where he was and will for sure be the star of the group. So I'm keeping him there as a little confidence boosting for my shy guy.
Greg floating. I was jealous - it was so hot and the water looked so nice. I'll have to take them back for free swim sometime this week.
Happy Anniversary to my cute sister-in-law Lacy and her husband Rob! Two years and one cute baby James later...hope you have a wonderful day and do something special to celebrate!


Susie Harris said...

Ahhh the sweet days of summer. I need to get Maddy in some type of swim lessons. She can swim but I want her to learn the basics the right way. Susie H~

Parker said...

Happy Anniversary Lacy and Rob.
I loved your comment about sitting next to the pool with your fancy compact. I'm sure you looked like a super hot Mommy. Too bad you couldn't dip your toes in the water to cool off. Or maybe you did. I'm so happy the boys love the water. Super fun summer times and memories.

Susie Harris said...

Kris, Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I really needed to hear that. I will keep on keepin on... I guess I dont get in the work world often and Im not use to the uglyness of it. Thank you for being so sweet! Susie H~

Chris said...

I went on vacation and you changed your blog name! I'm sorry I haven't commented, but I'm using bloglines now. It must have been thrown off or something. Or...I could just be dumb. Anywho, I love the bathing suit(s). You just can' go wrong on a baby, can you? Cute pics of swim lessons!

kjtroxel said...

We can't wait to go swimming soon! $2 Tuesdays :)