Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy and Boring

Do you ever feel like both at the same time? That is me this week.

My Greg pulled a freak move of getting an ear infection WHILE ON AMOX! Who does this? How did he do it? Am I a bad mom for thinking he was just trying to get out of swim lessons? (just a little)

I have been busy doing busy girl things like:
Cursing at my sewing machine and then begging and pleading for it to work. This is like a very sick, wrong, wish I could do over bad break-up circa 1995.
"Don't leave me, I love you!"
"But I thought you loved me too!"

"If you EVER, even THINK of calling me again..."
It's not a healthy relationship right now but I am giving it 100% for it to work.
It HAS TO WORK. I am not giving in to the insulting sewing machine man. Yet.

Busy things like writing how to articles over at eHow under code name MulberryGirl.
Need to know how to shuck corn? Get your kid to behave in church? I am SO your gal.
(Unless you've sat near me in church and know it's all good on paper, Kristen, but your kids have serious bladder issues asking to go out to the bathroom every 10 minutes.)

And I've gotten paid 4 cents for my seven little articles this week alone. Jealous?

Busy like deciding the world cannot LIVE without my pre-sewing machine break-up burp cloth creations. So I listed them here for sale. I think they are cute and I like having something like that to make after the sweeties go to bed. We'll wait and see how that pans out. The worst I'm out is sixty cents, big whoop. (Fifty-six if including my big time eHow earnings baby!)

Wait till you see what I'm doing after swim lessons tomorrow - you'll wish you were hanging out at my house being bored and busy with me!!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Kris.. you crack me up! Dont feel bad because I did have a child come down with an ear infection while on that stuff too. The Dr. said all meds cover different infections. I know now they do not cover both things she had. Ick, How I wish I could sew, you lucky girl. I have to hand stitch, hot glue or ask my MIL to come help me thread the darn sewing machine 100 times.. I try to stick with no sew projects... Wish we were neighbors.. we could be busy bored together, Smiles... Susie H~

Rae said...

Summertime is here and oft times I too feel busy/bored. I'm busy shlepping my children here, there and everywhere for THEIR activities, appointments, playdates, etc. while I am not into it. And then when I get a second to tackle my own project I'm EXHAUSTED!!!!

Chris said...

You literally talk just like I do. You're full of sarcasm, and I LIKE it! I am tackeling tackling?? a sewing projec this week. Perhaps I will just copy and paste your post into mine!

kjtroxel said...

You make me laugh...
You're bored/busy!
Lets walk this Mon (or sometime!)
Your sewing machine needs you...Have you tried Sears? They fix all sorts of machines.

Denise said...

I looked at your burp cloths. Too bad I do not have anymore equipment for baby making. They are beautiful. Good luck

Love Denise

ilovepink said...

They are so cute! I can barely sew a button on! I am jealous!

I am Mom said...

Im going to buy your adorable burp cloths for my neighbor who is having a girl this August. Thanks for sharing about your articles on ehow! Your are awefully talendted Miss Mulberry!

Sarah L. said...

Hi Kris. I will say Hi to nena and bob for you. I'm glad you like my kitchen. I have put a lot of thought and work into it. If you are ever around feel free to come see :)