Friday, June 13, 2008

And It Just Keeps Getting Better

I finally did what I've been thinking of doing for months - I canceled the Dish. I got fed up when the other day I was watching Jon and Kate + 8 and listening to their kids scream. "Why am I watching this? Is this some sort of sick punishment I am giving myself, like I don't listen to this enough in my own home, but I need to add eight more children to the mix?" Paying $50 a month for it even.

Gone - done. I'm just getting too busy to sit around and watch crud on tv. I like watching it - but there are other things I really need to be doing. It wasn't even the extra channels so much, I just loved the DVR feature. Not having that is going to take some getting used to. Watching tv with commercials and on real time. I think I'll last one show and the tv will stay pretty much off this summer. Love it!

The boys BEGGED me to help clean the fridge last night when Dan was off at a meeting. Who am I to turn down free labor? They had a blast unloading the fridge, spraying the inside and scrubbing. I just stood back (in awe) and washed off the shelves and drawers.
I had to take pictures, just had to. Because you know they are going to roll their eyes at me when they are 15 and I ask them to lift a finger. Now I can say " You used to beg to do this."

Oh - and Graham woke up throwing up and with a fever last night. Hoping it was a fluke since he feels and seems fine this morning. I slept horribly and will for sure be needing a caffeine fix today to make it through. Wish me luck.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Bless your heart! Hope you get some much needed rest tonight. Dont you hate when your little ones catch that. I scrub my house for days! I live in fear that someone else will be next. I pray that all of you will stay sickness free!

kjtroxel said...

Send them over when their well! Actually my fridge is clean after a soy sauce incident!
Please get well soon!

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by when I was featured on SITS. I'm just now getting caught up on visiting everyone who stopped by.

I'm really impressed that you cancelled your cable. I've been toying with that idea for a long time but I'm not sure my husband would go for it.

Have you seen the girls at They are doing a series call 31 Days to Clean. Wednesday was "Clean your fridge day."

Kitty said...

Right on about cancelling the dish. It sucks your life away. Plus, being dish free gives you more time to watch your series dvd's. I imagine that Felicity may get revisited soon. That would be fun.
You have the most amazing kids. I love that they are so excited about cleaning the fridge. I hope you guys get to feeling 100% soon.

Marla said...

Por favor send your kids to me casa.

There's some sick lemonadey mess in there that's grossing me out.

NatRat said...

Kristen your amazing for cancelling the dish...I admire you. I feel that TV is my one get away when the kids are asleep, I probably should be spending time with Collin, but the Bachelorette must be watched!