Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've never shopped so fast in my life. With Graham at school my time to get to Nordies and back was short. And we had to go to Build a Bear to get his dog Copper fixed. No, not that kind of fixed, but his seam on the back kept ripping open. With that all important errand crossed off my list I managed to run into VS for some more lip gloss (LOVE THEM!) in Cherry Bomb and Grapefruit Kiss and some Love Spell lotion and spray. Have you all smelled this? So yummy. I was shopping so fast I had to walk straight by J. Crew. Is that sinful or what? Sigh. But with Greg walking slow and Lauren getting fussy I had no choice. This is the damage I did in 30 minutes:

I thought this little smocked dress was so sweet!
Every girl needs a little Roxy - perfect with some white shorts next summer!
Just a fun little poofy party dress and white shruggie

And of course Robeez. I love the Hibiscus flower on these. Cute to wear with jeans this fall.
I tried to grab the new NARS Laguna bronzer but the lady looked at me like I had two heads. I have seen this everywhere lately but no store seems to have it. Odd.

This did not include my new black Reef flip-flops (a MUST if you wear flip flops like I do, they are so cute and comfy and stay looking good all summer long) and I got a new pair of sunglasses in BP - gotta love cheap $10 glasses when you toss them around like I do. Someday when I'm more responsible with my glasses I am going to let the kids eat Top Ramen for a month straight so I can buy these:

Only $650.00 - but aren't they darling? Or these for a mere $1,150.00

Sigh. I don't think I would ever take these off - I would be one of those girls wearing sunglasses on her head at night. Have you seen girls who do that? Weird. I wouldn't be able to part with them! Suddenly the drop off to preschool and sitting in the hot sun watching 3 year olds fail miserably to hit a ball off a tee for hours in the hot sun would become so glamorous. Why does wearing anything Tiffany do that to a girl? (That's TIPPANY to you Kari!)
*need to add I first saw these fabulous glasses here!

This was a long post - you should all be glad I don't share my standard price point shopping sprees at Target. You'd be stuck here for days.


Reagan said...

They have nars at sephora which has about 30 locations here in the city, but you can shop online. I recommend grabbing yourself a christian dior mascara while you at it. It *might* change your life.

Parker said...

I was going to tell you to go to Sephora as well for the Nars bronzer (Go REAGAN). I love that place. Hey, this girl I worked with would wear (cheap)sunglasses like a headband with her professional work clothes during the day (all day). How lame is that? I love the smocked dress so much and those shoes are adorable. You found some treasures for sure.

Chris said...

I love shopping vicariously through other people. Love that seersucker dress! Your comment on my post was funny--I think the SAME way (including the pajamas part)! Too funny.

Melinda said...

Love the cute clothes you scored for Lauren! Shopping for girls is soo fun!

Trisha Paddock said...

I love your taste in fashion. I saw those Tiffany sunglasses in a catalog when they first came out and my first thought was of you! I say go for it and buy it...splurge, splurge, splurge!!! Afterall, you need those to go with your bracelet!
And I must say that I love those outfits you picked for Lauren, they are so adorable....especially the first pick!
Love that car seat shabby!

BTW--We are spending the summer there and I will definately join you guys for the month of August bookclub...hope there's room! I can't wait!

Kari said...

What a day you had!! I laughed out loud about your getting the dog fixed at build-a-bear comment!! You are such a great writer! The smocked dress is adorable. I think you could even pull something like that off! As far as those sunglasses go, you NEED them. Just throw a few more garage sales this summer and have Graham sell some sugar cookies, and you'll have the money in no time!

kjtroxel said...

So fun! I love your purchases. maybe we can go in to Sephora together some evening (w/o kids!) I want to check out the Bare Escentuals line. Supposedly great for skin like mine. I want to check out the Christian Dior mascara reagan commented on too

Allison said...

I love Nordstrom but I feel like it's so far away! They so need a mall out here on the west side. It would be hoppin'. Love the cute girls clothes.

ilovepink said...

I love the cute finds!! I wish we had a Nordstrom near us! Or...maybe it is better that we don't!! :)

The Smith Family said...

WOW! You are a serious shopper! I love the dresses. And, every baby needs Robeez. Grant had them when he was itty and they were the best!

NatRat said...

You have great taste darling...Lauren is going to be the best dressed girl in the neighborhood! I love the dresses! I don't know when the last time I went to Nordstrom's was....Anniversary sale in less than two months..yipee!