Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Little Sad Today

OK - I have pictures of my neighbor Cori but I won't post them since I know she can kick my butt. And would. So I won't. But I am so sad today that she is moving. A lot sad if you add in the fact that I am already hormonal. A little mad at her husband Glen for not missing a question or two in his FBI interviews or for not missing a few more 4 a.m. workouts so he didn't pass the physical. Rude.

I adore Cori. The first night we met them we brought over a "welcome to the neighborhood" treat (which everyone else got since we were ALL moving in!) and I loved that I could hear her three cute kids fighting over who was going to answer the door. It wasn't too long after that I had Greg and she came over with a gift for the baby and her kids. Graham instantly took to her daughter, Bailey and I LOVED that Cori still had the price tags on her shirt. She immediately became someone I could just be "me" around - not pretenses, no impressing to do. No "one-upping" or "teaching" - just fun conversations.

I will miss going for walks with her at night in the summer - more to get out of our houses and away from the kids for an hour than to exercise! But our walks were great for snooping on the new homes being built, getting ideas for landscaping and full of "me TOO!" conversations about our less than angelic moments in life. I will miss working on our yards together while our kids ran around raiding our freezers for popsicles and played or peeking over the fence to talk in the summer till our husbands got mad and we'd have to go.

I think it's a lot more difficult the older you get to make friends. I think women are just as friendly, (meh, sometimes) but when you are wrapped up in the coming and goings of your own little family, it's difficult to carve time out to help friendships grow. Cori and I are busy girls - and we both got that and there were no demands on it. We both have a thing for Target T-shirts, capri pants and flip-flops and we both think that "Becoming Jane" was one of the most depressing movies we have ever seen. I love that she doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks of her and she never shows up anywhere without a hostess gift. She knows how to take charge without taking over and makes church so much more fun. She is one of the few people I have ever laughed until I cried with - and I swear if I ever find underwear that big she is getting a pair mailed to her new home wherever that may be! (*Dan says this sounds bad, so I'll say that Cori and I had tears streaming down our faces as we laughed over the biggest pair of underwear I have ever seen and the story that went with them. To this day I think about them and still will start to giggle!)


Parker said...

You're post made me miss Cori too. She sounds like an absolute doll. I hear you about making girlfriends when you're older. Not as easy. She sounds like a dear friend, who you will always have. You are good about keeping in touch regardless of the distance and the busy lifestyle. I think friends like Cori come into our lives to teach us how to be better friends through their example. You're that kind of friend to me.
Oh, I thought Becoming Jane was boring too.
love you.

Kris said...

I'm going to blog about you next Missy!! lol

Heidi said...

Awww, I am totally going to miss Cori! Even if she is still around the next few months, unless this blasted snow melts I will barely see her. Great tribute! Guess you will just have to put up with me on the other side. :P

Lori said...

Oh, what a sweet post for such a special person in your life.

Heidi said...

That is sad! I'm going to miss Cori too! Hopefully she'll come back and visit often!

kjtroxel said...

I'll miss Cori Too! I know what you mean. I instantly liked her and am happy you have had her as a neighbor.
Maybe a trip to DC is in our future??

Kari said...

I'm sad for you!! I hate change and hate to have people I love move away from me. How lucky you were to have Cori as a neighbor. She's so fun!!

NatRat said...

I am with you Kristen...I LOVE Cori! I love the whole family...such a cute family. I feel so bad that I didn't even get ot say goodbye really (I know she is still here, but still) They have been the best back door neighbors ever! (Besides the ones that are kiddy corner neighbors, they are pretty awesome too.) don't you go and move on us too! What would we do! What a great post.