Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anyone Seen a Camera?

I brought it upstairs to my office to download some pictures. Two days ago. Have not seen it since. Either I hid it so well from the boys that it could be anywhere or Graham or Gregory got a hold of it and it could be anywhere. I am guessing that a certain someone wanted an upgrade from his FP digital with poor quality resolution to something a bit more professional.

Examples of his raw talent at the age of 5, his composition and lighting are amazing. For sure that of a 10 year old, right?

For a brief moment I was thinking that it would cool to page your camera like I can my phone. Easier than digging through the mountain of GeoTrax and Legos to see what might have happened to the camera.

PS..Dan has made some new cd's for me to listen to in the car with the kids. I now have "We are the Dinosaurs" (marching, marching) repeatedly playing in my head. This has replaced Mylie Cyrus "See You Again" that was stuck there for weeks. I'm not sure which is worse.


Parker said...

I think you may have some talent on your hands. Future Photographers. That would be cool. They could take wedding photos and you could do the flowers. And maybe Lauren will be a fashion designer. You guys could go into business. Oh, I'm a dreamer! I hope you're okay with the tunes in the car. It's okay, I know you like good music.

Kari said...

They've got some serious talent!! Claire is needing her pictures taken and I'm sure either of them could do a better job then the lady at Target did last time. I'll call for my appt. soon!!

Norah said...

People should read this.