Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hot Date Downtown

Dan's previous boss gave him a generous gift certificate to The Grand America Hotel last Christmas. We found it tucked away in a drawer and realized that it was about to expire at the end of this month. Quick plans were made and Grandma took the boys for the afternoon so I could drive downtown to meet my cute husband for a rare lunch date of just the two of us.

I had worked in the sales office at The Grand for almost two years, while dating Dan, getting married to Dan and being pregnant with Graham. Pretty cushy job for a pregnant girl to work at a five star hotel writing contracts. I worked for three lovely women there and lucky for me I was good (and fast!) at what I did which left lots of time to surf the web looking for baby names, continue my on-line obsession with looking at real estate and send emails to Dan who worked up by the U. I like to joke that I got paid well to sit at a nice desk to write thank-you notes from our wedding and baby showers, but it's true!

When I left that job I was almost eight months pregnant and there I was today almost in the same spot pregnancy wise waiting for Dan to meet me in the lobby just like old times. I even got that fun "flip" in my stomach when I saw him walk around the corner that I used to get every time I saw him when we were dating, but seems rare as life and kids have made us busy. It made me feel so happy to think about what we have done and accomplished in the last five years since having Graham and Greg, and I felt so blessed to know that I didn't have to go back to work after our date. Just home to my sweet boys and be there with them. I think I take staying at home for granted sometimes, but I really do know how lucky I am!