Monday, December 10, 2007

Points for Trying?

Greggie happy with his donkey/cart acquisition

We had good intentions for Family Home Evening tonight. There is a Stake nearby that puts on a live nativity that Dan and I had just heard about, so we bundled up the boys and headed over there only to find that it is no longer going on. Graham sadly said "I wish the activity scene was still having their party!" We drove around looking at Christmas lights, went by the temple and then came home.

Cousin Meg gave the boys the Fisher Price Christmas Story set so Graham and Greg brought that downstairs when we got home and told the story of Christ's birth. Which then turned into a fight of who got to hold the donkey and cart. Which turned into "Let's wrestle with dad and pretend he is a donkey."

Bedtime was very soon after...the meltdown began and it's probably just as well that we didn't have to wait out in the cold tonight after all. At least we'll know better for next year to go a week earlier and as soon as it starts!