Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Had a Birthday...awhile ago....

I had a birthday!!
I wanted to write about my big day - and since time seems like it's in slow motion these days, it feels like it was just yesterday. 

I started celebrating the night before with my best friend, Kjersten.
 (Looking hot with our feathered hair circa 1990)
 We went to Nordstrom and hoarded free samples, smelled 100 new perfumes trying to find a new perfect one for summer, oohed and ahhhhed over $400 shoes and $3000 Burberry purses that we will never own and picked out some new make up.
This made us very hungry, so we split some flatbread at The Cheesecake Factory (try the pear and blue cheese one - SO good!) and ate cheesecake until we were sick.  It was SO good!  Such a fun night - I love that we have been celebrating birthdays together since we were 12.  Almost 30 years...yikes.

I woke up the next morning to little giggling kids who gave me these awesome gifts...
 My very own BeyBlade from the boys (they gave me a good one, I might actually win a match now!)
 And Lauren wrapped up her Rapunzel tower just for me.  

The presents starting coming in!  My sweet in laws drove up to give me these pretty flowers and say hello.  

I met my cute friends Marcy, Rachel and Leslie for lunch at my new favorite place, Cafe Bella Rue for a yummy sandwich and gelato. Have you been there?  The sandwiches are SO good! 

Later that night we got some Olive Garden to go at my mom and dad's - which was good because I started feeling really, really awful/weird and had to lay down.  
 I saved my piece of cake for breakfast the next morning (don't judge, you know you'd eat bithday cake for breakfast if you could too...)
 It was a great day with friends and family.  Dan always treats me like a queen and spoils me rotten.  I love it.
Couldn't miss a shot with my dad - ever since his stroke he's decided to go all rebel by growing a beard, his first one ever in his 70 years.  
My mom and I hate it, but if this makes him feel like a tough guy, then whatever.  ;)


Melinda said...

I love Nars blush! Your birthday sounds like it was wonderful. I mean you can't go wrong with Nordstrom + cheesecake! I also love that cute picture of you and Dan together!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a fab birthday! You look gorgeous!

kjtroxel said...

You are gorgeous and I love you like a sister. I am so blessed to have a best friend like you and glad we are growing old together....well, the old can go jump a cliff