Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time for a New Do

Getting my hair cut tomorrow!  
I love getting my hair done, I start thinking really brave thoughts about chopping it all off days before. I love my long hair but sometimes a change is fun too, right?
 I would love to chop it all off like Sandra's - so pretty!  
But I am seriously in love with Adele's hair too, even though I read she never washes it?  (She must use wigs right?)
 Picture - Out Magazine

My hair isn't that thick to pull that off.  It's really long now, but it's going through a fine and falling out because I stress too much phase.

We'll see how brave I get - I'll post pictures if I love it.  If not know I am most likely in tears and willing it to grow out quickly.


Heidi Totten said...

I love the "Sandra"!

Anonymous said...

I second Heidi- I love the Sandra! You'd rock that look. But you are probably already getting it cut now and won't see this in time. Darn it! Regardless of what you do with your hair you'll still be beautiful, so I say post a pic no matter what.

Sally said...

love your new haircut, very pretty.

I know a hair stylist Simon Webster from Brighton UK that actually styled Adele's hair last year and she does wash it, and no she doesn't wear a wig, she has thick luscious hair...lucky lady