Monday, February 27, 2012

Greg's Boot Camp Army Birthday Party

Last Friday we had a boot camp Army party for Greg's 7th birthday!
This wasn't easy for me to get into, I've never even let my kids wear camouflage or anything like that.  But I decided to go with it. Wal-mart to the rescue!  
(no really, almost everything was from there, down to the camo shirts on clearance for $5!)
 The kids were welcomed to Camp Olsen for recruiting.  Say goodbye to your moms boys, it's going to be a long two hours!
 All the boys were met at the Enlistment Desk.  We weighed and measured each soldier and gave them a dog tag with their rank as well as a strip of camo fabric to tie around their arm.
 I found almost everything I needed at Wal-Mart, including the dog tags for really cheap.
I asked a few if they wanted their hair shaved off and they answered me in horror, "I don't think my mom would like that!"  GOOD ANSWER!
Sergeant Olsen swearing the troop in with the pledge of allegiance.  He led them in a march singing, "I don't know if you've been told, Greg has just turned 7 years old..." 

 Then everyone got their military photo taken...
We had 7 different "themes" that the games revolved around.  After each one they could earn a gold star.  All seven stars meant that they earned an honorable discharge.  
They were:

Conduct (Mess Hall)
Obedience was playing "Sergeant Says"  
Teamwork was for the tug o' war
Endurance was for the obstacle course
Valor was when they were divided into two troops.  Each troop had an injured solider.  They had to bandage him up in toilet paper and carry him across the minefield to the helicopter.
 They then decided to all play injured and dead. 
Graham did not want anything to do with that. 
 We went to the mess hall to open up presents and have cake and ice cream.

 Things were going smoothly until the Army found out about our party!  They sent a Sergeant over to investigate. 
 (He is my good friends 14 year old son.  They are a military family and S was such a great sport to come and give these kids a taste of real boot camp.)  
Apparently, Greg couldn't take it.  He thought it was hysterical....
 until it happened to him.  Then he got upset.  I had to pull him aside and tell him that it was just S and he was just having fun with the kids.  After that, Greg was good.
 He gave the kids nicknames like Rojo, Oatmeal and Roach - you should have HEARD the laughter.  These boys were eating it up!
 Making them do pushups.
 Teaching them how to do a real sit up.  He had them do a relay races and arm wrestling.  It was SO cool, the boys LOVED it!
 Greg with the Sergeant.
 Strength was going to be the pinata, but Graham got excited and whacked it open on the first hit.  Oh well.  I made these bags up for treats.  Each boy got a camo pencil, parachute guy, punching balloon, army truck, trail mix, beef jerky and their pinata candy. 
 I gave each boy a certificate stating they earned "Honorable Discharge" from the Army.
So glad I have a few more years before joining the Army is even a consideration!  We love you Greg!  Hope your birthday was great!
All printouts I used for this party are available - see my right side bar!

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Diapers and Divas said...

OMG...this looks like SUCH a fun party!! you did a great job!!

Anonymous said...

Once again- you AMAZE me! Good job on such a fun party. I miss you:(

Jen Hansen said...

Such a fun idea! I love the 'injured and dead' picture....too funny!

Melinda said...

Awesome creative party! You should really be a teacher! All these hands on interactive ideas are genius!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Lucky Greg! I loved every minute of his party. You are so creative. Have a great weekend.

Dixie n Dottie said...

What a great idea! My sister is doing an Army Theme for VBS and you have some great ideas that she could do! Thanks for sharing! :)