Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Graham!

 So if someone could tell me
 How we went from this to 
THIS in a 2 second flash...
Oh my BABY!  
I am so happy to watch him grow up but does it give any other mom so much heartache at the same time?  
He had a great time with all of his buddies at his birthday party Friday night.
 Lauren had the most fun of all....just wait until these boys are 16 and she'll really be glad she has older brothers then!
 Seriously, these boys are just cute.  And they are so nice. I'm so happy he has GOOD friends, you know?
   They watched National Treasure and had pizza and way too much junk food!
Dan brought him McDonald's for lunch today and ate with him and we brought doughnuts for him to pass out to his classmates.  After school got out we told him and Greg that we needed them to get flu shots - but ended up at the movies to see "Real Steel." 
(Great movie by the way!!
We ended the day at grandma and grandpa's for cake and ice cream.  It was a fun weekend of celebrating for him!

Happy Birthday Grahamer!  We love you!


kjtroxel said...

He is so cute! And yes, I too love seeing my boys grow up but it breaks my heart all the same!!! :)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Happy birthday to Graham!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute boy! Hope he had a fabulous and memorable 9th Birthday:)

Kristen said...

Ha ha, I love the flu shot trick! You are the best party planner! Thanks for inviting Zach, he had a great time!