Friday, September 30, 2011


Dan took the day off today to fulfill a day FULL of promises that he and I needed to make good on.  You know the ones, "we will take you there when school is out"  or "If you get a good report card we'll do XY and Z with you."  

It started out with the school Jog-a-Thon.  Dan was a champ and ran the longer race with both boys.  

 They ran about 3 miles I think...both of my boys are pretty good runners. But it was fun cheering for them and seeing their "turbo boosters" as they call them kick in as they would hear their names and run even faster!
 We hurried home after and we all headed up to the canyon for a hike.  The fall leaves are changing and it was just gorgeous up there!
 Starting out....
 Lauren was a big cry baby who was upset about walking, dirt and rocks in her shoes.  I am sorry to say that I have passed on my non-love of the outdoors to her.  Although I kept telling Dan how great this hike was....seriously.  We had the best time.
 It was so quiet and peaceful. 
 And the views!!!  If this wasn't the perfect fall day I don't know what is!
At the beginning of summer I made this big mural on the landing.  I told the boys that if they reached a certain number of books read before school started, that we would take them to the new rec center swimming.  

I totally would've taken them anyhow but sometimes them learning what goals are and earning things is good, right?

This was their chart mid-summer...they did a GREAT job of reading.  Lauren earned fish whenever the boys or mom and dad read a book to her.  

So after jogging, haircuts, hiking and lunch, we of course went swimming!!

Dan and I are tired and the shirts we picked out for the kids for family pictures next week are these:
But at least all promises have been made good on!