Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School

Our kids are on year round school here - which I know some people hate, but I actually really love it.  It's great to have breaks throughout the different seasons and my kids really start getting anxious to get back into the routines that we have during the school year.  
 Ready for their first day!
 I can't believe how well his face has healed up!  Only 3 weeks ago he looked like this...
He had quite a painful meeting with the sidewalk when riding his bike.  Poor thing!
Greg was SUPER excited for 1st grade!  He was up and dressed by 6:45 a.m. and was nervous but so happy to be with his friends again!  
He did great on his first day - mom on the other hand did not do as well.  I miss my little buddy terribly and managed to pull myself together enough to not cry up at the school as we said good-bye but saved the tears for all morning long at home. 

Now it's just a few more weeks until LuLu starts preschool - I'll have 4 glorious hours a week to myself to get things done!  A clean & organized house is in my future!


Lani @ Diapers and Divas said...

That's amazing!! My oldest is going to preschool too this year...and I'm about dying because I'll only have one here! I see a clean and organized house in my future too! or at least a decent attempt at it!!

Anonymous said...

Look how well you are handling this!! I am so nervous for that day when ALL my kids are in school.

Actually I say that but then Jack has been IN MY FACE every 30 seconds for the past 20 minutes asking me for one thing or maybe it won't be as bad as I've imagined;)