Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bad Landscaping

 Really...this is the best she could do?
 Oh look, two rocks and a tree - so creative!
 Wow - that dirt gives off some great curb appeal...could it get any better?
Of course she could - why not leave a TRASH CAN for heavens sake in the front yard next to a half dead hydrangea bush and an eternally unwrapped hose?  
Like my friend Leslie always says, "HOW EMBARRASSING!
I have been really looking forward to spring and stealing/asking for some starts from my friend Kari.  Her house has a shady yard and there are only certain things we can grow.
A girl can only take so much boxwood and begonias!
I was happy to dig those up with her and ohh and ahh over her pretty yard.  She has such a green thumb!
I found a new place (thank you Emily) called Okubo's in the valley that has rows of I bought and got to work!
$17.50 a flat there - such a great price!
 So pretty! I am loving all the shades of green...these are actually mostly for my backyard rock wall.

 The start of filling in with impatiens, yes, more begonias, but also some seedum and nettle.
There is a long way to go still but at least it's a start!  Tomorrow I'll show you my garden - if you show me yours??? ;)


kjtroxel said...

Looking good! When did you take these pics? Looks like last August. That's the last time we had sun, right?

Kristen said...

I took these last week before the downpours started!

Cindy said...

Your yard is looking really good. I love Okubo's. I grew up in that area. My mom always bought her flowers from there, and almost all the flowers in my yard have come from there!