Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner

We had our Cub Scout pack Blue and Gold Dinner a few weeks ago and I *think* everyone had a great time?!   I know we did but I was TIRED when it was done!  
You plan a dinner for 80 people with $100 as your budget and tell me how tired you are afterwards! ;)

I decided on a Western BBQ theme this year with my friend Natalie of Natty Sue Designs making up the darling invites. 
Thankfully some great ladies came and helped us set up and of course now I am wishing I took more pictures.

We had a great potluck buffet...
 We served BBQ shredded chicken on buns, baked beans, cornbread, chips and cole slaw with lemonade.  
This lovely table decided to have a leg collapse on us and all the food went sliding down down down. 

It was a Cub Scout Miracle that not a drop of food was spilled and everything landed upright on the floor!  We are talking big crock pots of bbq chicken people!  Crazy!

My lovely homemade fire and barbed wire that I copied from a darling website...as soon as I find the link I'll post it!
My favorite part of the evening is handing out leader awards! 
I am SO very grateful for all the den leaders who meet with these boys each week...they are amazing!
 The "Golden Pear" awards for our two great Wolf Den couples (we have 2 Wolf dens right now.
 The "Big Picture" award went to our Bishop!
 The "Wet Sponge" award went to our very very new Primary President.  You know, the one who has a boy but he's not even walking yet so Scouts is a whole new language?  That one! :)
 The "Helping Hand" award
 The "On the Ball" award
 The "Megaphone" award to our quiet leader who is super great with the boys!
 The "Cheerleader" award went to our just released Primary President! 
 The "Plunged Right In" award for our new counselor over Scouting
The "Link to Scouting" for one of our two amazing Webelos leaders!
 I gave Dan (the CubMaster) the "MindBender" award.  Like I said, he is overwhelmed, over talked and bewildered by all the women he has to deal with and still does amazing.  He is SUCH a great help to me and I love working with my husband in this calling!
 The "Bleeding Blue" award for our Primary counselor who has been in Scouts the longest!
 Here is the main cake I made....never, EVER again.  I'll stick to birthday cakes.  I started making something else and decided to go the easier route....so it's 8 (8x8) cakes stacked together.  What a mess. There were a few side cakes with stars on them as well.  Because I over plan and over bake.  I get worried that it's not going to be enough!
 Some of the decorations.  I kept it simple.  Dan put together some classic cowboy music to have playing in the background which was fun....think Johnny Cash and The Statler Brothers!
 We played a fun game afterwards with a rocking horse up on a table at the back of the room and the boys had to "lasso" the horse with a hula hoop.  This kept the kids busy for a long time!

We also had a fantastic video playing that my friend Teresa made showing pictures of the past year in our pack! 

 Me being a cranky outlaw....
 Graham being a nonchalant outlaw...
 Greg being a rough and tumble outlaw....this cost me $6 at the party store and I couldn't keep the kids away from it!
 Dan was sweet and presented me with flowers to thank me.  
I like being the Cub Comm Chair but it's a LOT of time and effort.  I'm happy to do it to make the program be what it should be for Graham who is now in and Greg who will be a Cub Scout before I know it!  
It makes a difference when you are doing something that you know will benefit your own children and their cute friends!

Thankfully though, the Blue and Gold is only once a year! 


Letti said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I have not been a scout leader but maybe I will one day. I am going to save this because if i ever happen to help with a Blue and Gold dinner I am doing this:)

Anonymous said...

As usual-you killed it!! Everything looks perfect and now I find myself hoping that you will still have that calling when my boys are in scouts so that I can come to your cool scout parties and help you eat all the yummy leftover cake:)

Melinda said...

Kristen, this is AMAZING! You are such a great event planner! Every thing looked so fun and the list of what you had for dinner is making me hungry!

Heidi Totten said...

It was wonderful! I think we should all just hire you to plan events!

Kristen said...

It was wonderful! Thank you for all of your hard work!!!! You are amazing!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

You have so many cute ideas - I LOVE the awards and am trying to figure out if we ever need to give awards in the future!!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

You did an amazing job! I especially love all of the awards.

Chris said...

You could seriously be a professional party planner! That little fire? Get out! I loved all the little awards, too. Genius!

kjtroxel said...

Ummm, I am moving to your ward so my boys can be in this pack! (I wish!)

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but thought to comment incase someone else comes across it. To make sure we have enough cake we do a cake bake contest..scout/father bake. The scouts and fathers bake a cake an decorate it with the blue/gold theme the scouts vote who has the best