Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whole Lotta Lovin Going On - 3rd Birthday Style!

 These were the little favors I made for LuLu's party.  
I think the fact that they were in berry baskets was totally lost on my guests, but I had fun making them.  
The boys got a little red Hot Wheels firetruck in theirs. 
 Quick tag printed out and do you know how much I love cellophane?  
I totally do.  It makes everything cute. 
 LuLu loves pancakes so that is what she got for her birthday breakfast!
 Showing us she is THREE!
 Taking a phone call from her Nanny Sally. 
 "Now closes yours eyes."
 (this is what she says...but this is her doing it
The boys helped Dan put together this little kitchen for her. 
 She was SO excited!
 We had Graham's last basketball game that day.  
He is NOT into competitive team sports.  He keeps begging me to play tennis so we are on the hunt for some private lessons for the boys.  He's got the So Cal genes in him from tennis champion Grandma Margaret!
Let me know if you know anyone around here!
 After Graham's team pizza party we headed over to Grandma's for cake and presents!  Lauren was so happy to wear her new outfit and birthday shoes we picked out earlier that day.  
It's a Fink girl tradition for your birthday!
 She loved getting Barbie dolls from the boys and a set of pots and pans for her kitchen from grandma and grandpa.   
 Blowing out her candles!

It was a whirlwind weekend only to turn around and get ready for Valentine's Day.  
How great that our weekend was full of pink, hearts and LOVE!


kjtroxel said...

so darling!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love pink and sparkly and girlie!!

So, the clips you asked about are the same bows that are on the headbands-just on a clip. I can have her make you one-just tell me the colors again. And do you want a button in the middle or one of the silver jewel things? And is there a theme you like? Like, stripes or hearts or a certain holiday?