Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ticket to Paradise

 Dan and I took Graham to downtown Salt Lake City Friday night.  He had no idea what we were doing, we just wanted to surprise him.  We first took him across the street to let him pick out his first set of scriptures and we had his name engraved on them.
 We then headed across the street to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It used to be the old Hotel Utah and it is simply stunning inside.
 He couldn't resist going around and around in the front door.  Too funny.
 This building is sentimental to me.  I used to live about a block up the street from here when I was single.  Dan took me here on our first date for dinner and we spent many, many evenings walking around downtown and here just talking and getting to know each other. 
 Until one Sunday afternoon he walked me around until we went up these stairs...
 and he sat me down here in this chair and proposed.  We also had our wedding luncheon in the same building in the Bonneville Room and our reception in the Sharon/Manchester rooms.
 This was a fun night to just be with Graham.  We ate at The Roof and Graham loved the clear piano (the pianist played "Happy Birthday" for him) and he devoured the dinner rolls.  They have a really impressive dinner and dessert buffet - he was in heaven.

Mid 3rd plate of dessert he stopped to tell us "This is PARADISE!"
It was such a great night, we were so happy to spend some time just with him in a different setting than normal.  I hope I show him enough how special he is to me and how proud I am of him.


Alisa said...

What a great idea! I'm sure he will always remember that night --- I may have to steal that idea. How sweet

kjtroxel said...

I love that you made this so special for him. What a blessed boy to have such a thoughtful mom! (and Dad o course!)

The Tomball Three said...

I've been there on my visit to Salt Lake. That place has the BEST creme brulee!