Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TaiPan Decorating Heaven

I think I should share with you where I like to go when I feel like we are bleeding money from our pocketbooks around here.  Carpet, hardwood, doors, etc add up quickly and I've been writing huge checks all over town for deposits.  Blerg.  
(I love me some 30Rock btw...)

I drive myself over to TaiPan.  The "we used to be wholesale but now we are public and pretend to have wholesale prices" decor store.  I usually get so overwhelmed here that I leave with nothing but I felt like I went shopping for something.
Trees?  Got em.  Dishes?  Got em. 
 Silk flowers, baskets and containers?  Check, check and check.
Need a purse or some cheap jewelry?  They have that now too.  
Have you noticed there are no children in these pictures?

That's right.  I was ALONE.  SHOPPING.

 Not sure of how to decorate your home for Christmas this year?  Hang a large wreath from the ceiling, set up a large Santa and call it good.
 Too much red?  
Here is an all white set up for my "White is the new Black" decor friends.
 PINK!  How sweet is this tree? I was starting to panic at this point realizing Christmas is so close...
 Ahhh...back to fall.  Much better.
 Not so quick...these little elves snuck up on me around the corner. 
 I know of several blog friends who would DIE over this mirror.  (Ha ha, get it, DIE? Skulls?  Oh never mind.) I ended up buying two small pumpkins and a sign.  I'll post pictures of my Halloween house later this week!
 We were "Boo'd" the other night!  The minis were SO excited to find this bowl and note on the porch filled with yummy popcorn.  We passed it along to two families in our neighborhood who will hopefully do the same!


Chris said...

Okay. I could have browsed through about 40 more pics of this store. It was a DREAM! I would spend days in there.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about their "ladies night out"? We should go if it hasn't already happened. I even have a coupon for it!! Also, did you change your profile picture? If so, I like it. If it's been there for awhile then I am sorry that I didn't notice sooner...