Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lion House Flowers

I did the wedding flowers for my gorgeous neighbor, Elena and her new hubby, Gary.  They were married at The Lion House in downtown Salt Lake and I know I say that every wedding I do is a favorite, but I loved her bouquet!!
The Lion House was built back in 1856 by Brigham Young. The Lion house gets it's name from the stone statue of the reclining lion over the front entrance. This was once home to Young and his family, but now has been recreated into a restaurant and social center. The restaurant is street level with additional rooms for banquets and receptions.
 108 roses all lined up for the centerpieces...
 I was loving this rhinestone bouquet buckle.  She hadn't asked for one but when I saw it I knew it had to be on her bouquet!
 Gary's boutonniere
 Eskimo, Clear Ocean and Tinto roses mixed in with spray roses, bouvardia and mini callas.  I usually stay away from the Tinto rose since it is REALLY thorny and a mess to clean and work with.  But the color matched SO perfectly I sacrificed my little fingers for sake of a color scheme!

 Flowers for her sister, Janie and niece, G.  I used Black Bacarra with spray roses for these.
 Oh the cake!!  
There was an accident on the freeway with a ton of stopping and starting.  Not a good thing when you are driving flowers or a cake.  I waited nervously for it to be put together so I could place flowers on it.
Thankfully I brought extra ribbon so Janie could show off all the hard work she put into making this!  A few strategic flowers and voila!  You'd never know it was wobbling like a man walking a tightrope!
(I am grateful not to be a delivery driver for cakes!  Oh the white knuckle driving that must occur!) 

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day Elena and Gary!  I hope it was divine!


Rae said...

Those roses are spectacular!!

Chris said...

WHA? Holy gorgeous, Gayle! When I get married, will you do all my arrangements? Dang it! I AM married! I knew I should have waited 15 more years until I met you!

kjtroxel said...

So Beautiful! Those are some talented hands sister!

Anonymous said...

Love them! Thanks for sharing:)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I'm so seriously impressed! You did such a great job. I especially love the buds in the glass vases.