Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just a Reminder

I need little reminders now and then of why I am a mom.  
Honestly, no one ever tells you of the days when you feel like grabbing your purse and keys and telling everyone in the house "I'll be back next week - good luck!"  I don't have patience, I can't stand clutter and disorder and I like having lots of alone "me" time.  

Ooops!  Being a mom is not ANY of that.  
The boys are off track and I've been with the minis 24/7 and I was starting to get stir crazy.  My parents offered to take them for the morning.  Ahhhhhh.....I woke up SO excited for a little break!

And then LuLu came into my room with my camera...
"Mommy, will you peas take my chipper?"
 After every "chipper" I took she would run over to see it in the camera. 

 Oh the cuteness. 
 That just melts my heart.
And makes me so grateful to be their mother.  I'll have all the me time in the world and a clean house when they go to college. 


Anonymous said...

Off track time is the worst. I loathe it. Lulu is sure a cutie though! I'd take her any day.

Artist Terri Smith said...

Hi Kristen..after reading your comment left at Teresa's today..I suddenly don't feel so alone in my blogging-blues. I just joined you as a Follower/Friend and truly can say your blog is the cutest..but not anywhere near as cute as your sweet faced children. They are adorable!

kelvis said...

That is a very sweet picture of all three. And Lauren looks so beautiful. Especially in contrast to her cousin, what with the missing front tooth and the jagged hair cut courtesy of our neighbor's 4 year old.

Alisa said...

They are adorable!

kjtroxel said...

yes...those smiles melt my heart too and I am not even their mother (but hope to be sweet girl's MIL one day!) ;)

Allison said...

My mom always said boring women keep immaculate houses. I'm not sure I'd agree completely. I would LOVE an immaculate house. But I would rather have happy healthy loved kids than a clean house. Love the ducks too!