Monday, August 2, 2010

Raising Chickens

We went to see my nephew baptized on Saturday and afterward had a lovely lunch at my brother and sister-in-law's home. 
A few months ago,  Mindy had mentioned that she wanted to raise chickens.  
Gulp. (for me) 
But this is so Mindy, she is always up for crazy, fun things like this. 
I was surprised to hear that they had already gotten four chickens...
Maggie, Nina, Freckles and Peep
Isn't that cute that her minis named them?  I love it.  Peep might be my favorite.  Or Freckles.  I can't decide.
Their chicken coop is so fancy I thought it would be way fun to have one -  for about 3.9 seconds.  
Which is longer than I ever thought I would think about having a chicken coop!
We had such a nice time in their lovely backyard and it's so fun to watch all the cousins play together. 
Here is a sneak peak of the rest of our weekend...
Drywall is being sanded today.  Which means I have NO air conditioning.
I'm off to look for carpet and paint.  With Greg and LuLu in tow.  I'm hoping not to pick something that is going to be out of style by next year. 


Melinda said...

Seeing that coop makes me want chickens! I don't really like chickens though from my memories of raising them in elementary school, but it would be fun to have fresh eggs.

Heidi said...

There is a carpet store on 12600 South that if you tell them Sara Beck referred you they give you a free upgrade on your pad...let me know if you need Sara's nubmer to get more details or if it's something your interested in...they have a great seconds selection too!

kjtroxel said...

Oh I want chickens too...especially with that darling chicken coop. Neil said "no!...never!" I'm working on him for the time we move from out HOA prison (JK..I like it there)
happy carpet/paint hunting!
did you get my email chica?

Fritzi Marie said...

Jeannine has chickens now too. I think it's super cool. Her son Devon designed and made their chicken coop and it turned out fantastic.

Good luck with the carpet hunt. The basement is looking fabulous.

love love,

Kelly said...

We've been talking about getting a coop when Marley and Abbey pass on to the big sofa in the sky. In the meantime, our housekeeper keeps a chicken coop, and she brings us fresh eggs almost every week, at least in the Spring and Fall when the chickens are most active. When she first started doing that, Meg said to her "THANKS! I've never had eggs from a chicken before!"

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