Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reagan and Piper Jane

I know I've posted about little Piper bird before but her cute mama did a guest post over at CJane that made me start crying today. 
If I'm crying it's only fitting that everyone else should also.
It's not a "I feel sorry for Reagan"'s more of a "I wish I could be a better mom like Reagan" cry.  
I suck. 
I get so impatient.
I have temper tantrums.
I sometimes expect my children to snap to it and act like an adult. 
I need to chill out. 

 We all have our trials - the Breinholt Family is a shining example of how to deal with them. 
And if I had a copy I would post pictures of when Reagan and I were bridesmaids together for my brother's wedding. 
Just to prove that I once wore the same outfit as the fashion goddess herself. 
Never mind that she was 8. 

ps...Reagan has another fun blog, Hairdresser on'll find yourself wishing you lived in Manhattan so she could work her scissor magic on you!


kjtroxel said...

oh my goodness...just read it an am crazy in love with both of them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I am now a major Reagan & Piper follower. It's almost stalkerish EXCEPT I know you (and you were a bridesmaid with her so it's all good). And I already do wish I lived by Reagan so that she could pass some of her creative fashion wisdom onto me.

BTW-you are a fabulous Mom. I get some of my best ideas from you. So keep up the good work:)

Reagan said...

Kristen, you make me laugh a lot. First of all, thanks for saying such nice stuff. You're the sweetest. Second of all, I'm hardly all those things. You are a great mom! And you do all the stuff that Sounds really awesome, but isn't all that awesome. Like potty train, discapline and get woken up in the night.

Let's pretend that I'm awesome at that stuff! (I'm probably not)

Nic said...

Man...I suck too!!