Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last But Not Least

It was Baby Tiger's birthday Friday.  Baby Tiger is one important family member around here.  There is no sleep for Mr. Greg without him.
He has a lot of friends.  Look at Nemo over there on the end, like a fish out of water...poor guy.
Baby Tiger picked a pirate theme.  Greg did an excellent job frosting the cake.
Best friends.  Mr. Tiger looks a little sugar overloaded. 
After the party we hurried down to Lindon to visit with Dan's family.  Uncle Mel has a huge lot on a hill that he's made into a play land for his grand-kids.  There is a gorgeous building with tons of space for dinners and get togethers and a kitchen nicer than my own home.
The minis were having a great time playing in the town.
They had strict instructions not to go down the slide.  It's really steep and you go really fast on the sheet metal.
Not the best weather for a picture, usually you can see Utah Lake from up here.  But we had a nice, relaxing evening with cousins and family!

ps...Have you ever screwed up on something that you KNOW was an honest mistake but it still makes you sick to your stomach that you did it?  Like a total idiot who dropped a HUGE ball?  
Yeah, that's me tonight.


kjtroxel said...

Looks so fun!(what ball did you drop?)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Wow, that place looks awesome! I want to go down that slide.

Anonymous said...

What ball did you drop? And yes, that happens to me ALL THE TIME!! Know what makes you feel better? SATC2 and a huge bucket of popcorn...