Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoo Work Party

Dan's work closed down the zoo for their employees last Friday evening.  I really hate the zoo.  As mentioned before, our zoo is a garbage dump.  I believe this even more so after going to the St. Louis Zoo last fall on our cross country trip. 
I am trying to be more positive lately...so I will say, how COOL that the zoo was free as was our dinner.  And really, what is more fun to seven and five year old boys than a stinky, smelly place full of animals and reptiles?  
I think it was a great night despite me being sick with a cold and poor Greg barely able to walk after getting four shots for Kindergarten that morning.  Oh, and LuLu running out of the Birds of Flight show and poor Dan having sore shoulders from carrying her.  
It was a great night!


Anonymous said...

I'd go to the Zoo for free food! Who am I kidding-I practically live at the Zoo. We are going to the Zoo again tonight-which will make it official-we have been to Hogle Zoo once a week for the past month. Go us! Did you know if you get a Hogle Zoo pass that it gets you into other Zoo's in the country for free too? AND if you had a pass you could come with ME (and your future DIL) to the Zoo and make fun of it...:)

kjtroxel said...

Why do you look so gorgeous when you are sick?
Poor Greggy looks so sad in that pic where he's in the stroller. I can't believe he's going into Kindergarten!!!
And for me, I like the zoo?