Thursday, June 17, 2010

Picnic at the lake

 We decided to have a picnic dinner Tuesday night.
I *almost* felt like I was at the ocean, seagulls flying overhead.  Lauren kept throwing Cheetos at them, they would eat them, and then she would get mad at them for eating her Cheetos!
Typical girl, right?

 It was just a little windy, but it felt soo nice.
What could be better than the wind in your hair and sharing a sack lunch with your brother?
 Maybe a shoulder ride from daddy.

 Seeing these two melts my heart - they adore each other.
Lauren is for sure not a California girl like her mommy.  
Sand in her toes is something to cry about with her!
Picnic - check!  
On to the rest of our summer list!


Melinda said...

Lovely idea! I may need to try that spot for a date picnic with John. Your pictures turned out very cute!

Karena said...

Kristen, adorable images!!

Art by Karena

kjtroxel said...

Your pics are lovely! What a fun evening!!

Kim Hancock said...

What fun... I bet the kids enjoyed having a picnic for dinner. You gotta love clean-up on that... no kitchen mess!