Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

Hard to believe he is done being a preschooler!  Greg is getting to be such a BOY.
Not so much my baby.
 Look at those lashes...sigh. 
 He is such a happy, sensitive one.  He has loved school and it's crazy to know he is reading! 
Go Greg!  
He is super excited to be going to the same school as Graham and be called a

He took his sweet teacher in some strawberry freezer jam that we made as a family a few weeks ago. is SO good!  Greg was proud to tell her he helped to make it. 
(He really did!)
So two home and one to go.  Graham is year round so he is in school until July 2nd.  Makes it hard to plan a summer but we really think it's great for his busy personality.
Greg requested a party with his Baby Tiger as a celebration.  You should see how many cupcakes Tigers eat!


kjtroxel said...

Those pics are so sweet! What a great boy :)

Nic said...

Super Cute!! Did you get the hairbows??

started new blog

Hope you'll visit and link that one!!