Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Weekend Baby!

 What a great weekend!  
On Saturday, I had I had two soccer games, a baby shower and a hair appointment all before noon!  Eeek!
 Thank goodness Dan and I had some serious coordinating going on!

Strawberries were on sale so that afternoon, a miracle of miracle occurred...

Dan and I worked together in the kitchen and actually had fun!
Shhhhh...did you hear angels singing?  Usually we are at each others throats when  we cook together. 
We made a lot of this:

Mmmmmm...strawberry jam.  It is DELISH!  

He took the boys out shopping while LuLu and I took naps.  Yum.  I rarely EVER get a nap so it was heavenly!

To start the birthday celebrating early, we went to Red Robin for dinner and then, call me a redneck girl, we went to IFA.
Hot Town Saturday night.

It was almost as good as that date I had with S in Rexburg, Idaho when I was 18 and we sat on the steps of the funeral home sipping coke from a bottle and counted pick up trucks cruising Main Street. 
 Graham looks like he is in pain here.  I can't stop laughing at him when I see this.  I'm a mean mom.
We are planting a salsa garden this year and had to get our dirt mix. 
We considered buying one of these for mine and Natalie's fence:
 Birds beware!
 LuLu thought the yard deer ornament was a pony and told it to "GiddyYAP!"
We were pleasantly surprised to see all these cute chickadees.  Greg and Graham begged us to buy some. 
I thought about it until this one gave me the stink eye.  
See it?  Looking at me out of the corner of his beadie little eye?
You just blew it chickee. No coop for you.

OH MY GOSH - could you imagine?  My mom would think she raised me wrong...I'm canning, gardening and now raising chickens?  I'd be drug to Nordstrom, sat down in the shoe department and given Lecture #397 faster than you can say 
"Here Chickie! Here Chickie Chickie!"
Lauren decided to be active in church again and I let her go into nursery solely because my sweet friend Melinda works in there with her husband and I trust them. And cold and flu season is about done. 
Dan was cute and tried to get a shot of them together - this was the best one.  Out of like 50.  Which is why we take their pictures for the Christmas card each year separately.

But it was a great birthday - I was able to talk or be with everyone I love, rub the fact in that Mike is 40 and I'm not, my mom and dad made us a yummy dinner so I didn't have to cook or do dishes two nights in a row and we've all eaten cake till we are sick.  I have sweet friends who have been so thoughtful with gifts when really just simply their friendship is such a gift in my life.

I am getting wordy and sappy.  
But the older I get the more I realize what little I really need and how rich my life already is. I am seriously one lucky girl.


Melinda said...

Lulu was so sweet and easy going! We love having her in nursery. Also, she always reminds me of a Parisian girl. Your style must rub off on her.

Chelle said...

I really like this post--so sweet!

And strawberry jam?! I LOVE homemade strawberry jam--my stomach is growling just thinking of it :)


kjtroxel said...

What a great post!
I am going to IFA ASAP! How "down home" is a store with baby chicks? Love it!

Your strawberry jam was amazing...
yep, its gone because I devoured it! :) I am happy you and Dan worked together nicely to create it!

Love you...

Anonymous said...

That last picture of your kids is so cute! And that jam, oh that jam looks like HEAVEN! I am really impressed with Dan for sticking it out with you in the Kitchen while you made that. I HATED helping my mom make jam when I was little:)

Denise said...

How cute your kids are. Time goes by so fast! Glad you had a great birthday.