Sunday, April 18, 2010

At Last Spring Has Sprung!!

There is simply nothing lovelier than when Spring finally decides to hit Utah.  It is almost as gorgeous as LuLu when she sneaks into my makeup bag to try and channel Alice Cooper circa 1986. 
 But Spring is here and I have proof!
 Popcorn popping on the Pear trees out front....
 The first blooms ever on my three year old lilac bush!
 The yard not looking quite so ghetto and more like...
Thanks honey for my new cute square foot garden!

And the best part of Spring this year for Dan and I?
 Relaxing on the front porch watching Graham grin from ear to ear as he mowed the lawn for the first time!
Not sure if he was smiling from pride of being a machinist or from the two lovely eight year old ladies on our street stopping to ooh and ahh over his new ability to wield power tools. 

He did a terrific job for his first time around!

P.S.  He is now for hire... if you don't care if your flower beds get mowed also.


Melinda said...

Oh how I wish the town houses had blossoming trees! Yours look so pretty and the pictures have me excited to do a little gardening.

kjtroxel said...

Send him over...wait, I have two that could probably help out :)
Enjoy your porch!