Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On-line Garage Sale

  I watched an episode of "Hoarders" the other week and I about started to cry when I told Dan, 
"THAT IS ME! I'm a hoarder and they are going to show up here with a film crew!"

Dan quickly reassured me that I am NOT a hoarder...we just have a lot of things out of place since he is finishing our basement.  True.  But you know when you have reached your clutter limit?  

I've reached mine.  

I'm going through the kids clothes right now and thought I'd post a few things here before I list them on eBay next Monday.   
These are all in excellent used condition.
Boys Gap Zip Front Jacket
Size 3 years - cut a little large as Greg wore this up until 2 months ago and he is now a size 5.
Fully lined - great lightweight jacket for Spring
 Miniwear (Kids R Us) 2 piece outfit
18 months
LuLu wore this maybe twice.  
The Children's Place Cotton Shrugie
Size 12 months
Roxy Shirt from Nordstrom
18 months
 The Children's Place Applique Jeans
18 months
 The Children's Place Pants/Capri's 
Roll tab hem with eyelet belt
18 months
 The Children's Place Cotton Shrugie
12 Months

Leave a comment or email me if interested.  We can talk shipping then! 


design gal said...

such cute clothes! if only i had some kiddos to buy these for!

great blog by the way! lovin' it!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

What a great idea!!