Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally Friday!!

Can you believe it's 4:30 a.m. and I CANNOT sleep!  I hate those nights when you mind just starts spinning and falling back to sleep is impossible.  Especially when you know there are no naps coming the next day!
This little guy cracks me up.  He is getting so big and has stopped creeping into my side of the bed every morning to "nuggle."  Which means Dan is no longer getting kicked in the back from 5-7 a.m.  But it still makes me a bit sad. 

Graham...I feel like he is always at school and I don't have any pictures of him anymore!  He is been testing a lot of his limits lately.  I love that he is getting older and more independent but at 7 we are still working how the right amount for him.   
LuLu is wanting to go "Bye-Bye" all day long.  She pretty much is packed up ready to go all the time.  Looks like we need to find her some Princess shades instead of her having to wear Greg's Thomas glasses!
 Little Miss Fat Lip - she got a little crazy at the boys "Dance Party in the Living Room Lounge" performance two nights ago.  BONK right into the ottoman and bit her lip.  Ouch!  My poor girl!  At least now I can tell her lip injections won't be a good look for her when she's older and have proof.
And this is what I am tackling today.  
I have had a bit of "poor me" this week feeling like my plate of "to do's" is WAY more than my fair share.  Looking at other people's blogs sometimes makes that worse when you see how most people tend to only show the perfect side of their lives (rooms, whatever.)  
So for today I am just going to pretend that most of you have live in maids and your children don't actually LIVE with you to make messes, but are actually away at boarding schools.  
This is the the sad reality of my office earlier this week. 
Let's cross our fingers for a good "after" picture this weekend. 


Shelle said...

Your children are adorable! And if it makes you feel any better- if you saw a picture of the state of my living room right now (total toy explosion! Not sure if I can even find the floor) you may run away screaming..

I hope you have a great weekend! Visiting from SITS!

Nic said...

Oh Honey...Just for you I'm gonna get a picture of our Nasty Side and post it =) Stayed Tuned!

Twice as Nice said...

Aww, don't you fret. Me and you live in the REAL world and the others must live in the pretend world because I don't have a maid and my son still lives at home, and the laundry is piled up and there is dishes to do, and dinner to make...oh, my I want to live in the pretend world. HA! Have a great weekend and get some SLEEP!

Kim Hancock said...

I've got "poor me" too... and have decided to teach the kids to was, dry & fold their own laundry as possibly some relief or cure for "poor me." :0)

kjtroxel said...

:) loving the realness of this post!
Poor Lauren, but I think she looks really pretty in that pic...fat lip and all!

Anonymous said...

Have you read MY blog? Mine is definetly not a "super happy" blog. I sure love you. The dinner you made us was AWESOME! Myles ate THREE of those pulled pork sandwiches. You really were so fabulous to think of us. I owe you!!!