Monday, February 8, 2010

After Picture?

Oh...I'm sorry.  Did you come here hoping to see the much needed after picture of my office?  Yeah, that SO did not happen! :)

Dan and I had a fun date to see "Leap Year" on Friday night.  It was cute movie if you haven't had the chance to see it!  It was great to get out with him, it's been awhile! 

Saturday I went to a local craft fair with my mom and then came home to spend most of the weekend in bed.  I've been having really really bad pains...almost to where I was deciding if I should go the emergency room but thank goodness for leftover c-section drugs.  I'm a lot better today but I still have a call into my doctor.  

I'm a little stressed out right now - maybe that's why I'm feeling yuck?  Don't start calling me asking if I'm okay...I'm fine.  I am just hating how some things that aren't that important to me are taking over what IS really important to me and it gets me all worked up.  I'm only one girl and I can only do so much, you know?  I need to follow my heart and take care of my family first and foremost.

So if the Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner is not as fabulous as my daughter's 2nd and son's 5th birthday'll know why.


Melinda said...

Kristen, I think you always do a great job at whatever you do, and a lot of it is just the fact that you're there with your wit, class, and style :)

Olson's said...

Sorry you're stressing :( Is there something I can do to help with Blue and Gold (I'm actually feeling up for it!) Let me know - and while everything you do turns out just amazing, the cubs are young boys and won't be bothered if everything isn't "just so." So enjoy your month of birthdays and have fun celebrating your kids!

P.S. I think you're really on top of things to have invites out for a party at the end of the month :) Love it!

Kitty said...

I think you're a ROCKSTAR and I adore you.

Heidi said...

You're fabulous - no matter what happens...Feel better!

kjtroxel said...

Yeah! Priorities...I need to straighten mine out a bit. When was that last time I read to my two oldest? now that they can read I feel I can take the night off!
Love you!
And they are all right! you really do throw great events! Feel better!)

Mrs Montoya said...

Stopping by from SITS. Don't be so hard on yourself. IT (whatever IT is) creeps up on all of us and threatens to suck us in. Do the best you can and forget about the rest of it. I am a terrible example of "practice what you preach" but I do believe it!