Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Normal

Tomorrow the boys go back to school.  That means things are back to "normal."  Or whatever normal looks like when a girl doesn't have her planner yet.  (Breathe, breathe, do NOT panic!)  Hoping it gets here by Wednesday.  Cross your fingers for me.

But since I am not lazing every day away and have to go back to my budgeted life, this means no more of my favorite Salted Carmel Hot Chocolates from Starbucks (ok, Signature Toffee or whatever they call it now)

 This means no more free child labor.  We spent about three hours in the basement Friday cleaning things up.  I think Dan has stopped working so much down there since he was overwhelmed with the mess.  Now it's looking good and I'll lock him down there (um, I mean encourage him to go down there) every night possible to work!

And no more of these - let me introduce you to Mr. Frosty.  The boys built him yesterday.  He should be in my front yard until at least March I'm guessing!

I'm sort of glad to get back on schedule but a bit sad too.  We've had a great Christmas break - a bit a fun and a whole lot of nothing. Life is good.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

That snowman is great!

Melinda said...

Mmmm, that hot chocolate sounds really good!

kjtroxel said...

How did they get the head on that snowman?? I am impressed :)

Meredith said...

That snow man...seriously?! :) Back to school for the boys=my vacation starts-ha!

Cam said...

I know it has been said but... that snowman is so great! I think I might need to try your yummy hot chocolate. By the way, Cam and I are 6 years apart. I think the age difference between Lauren and Zach is just fine... CUTE!