Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Night!!!

Oh...hello Edward my love....  
Or, er, wait..I think I'd rather say that to Jacob this time around.  Not a huge Jacob fan but New Moon made me change my mind.  My goodness that boy had a body to die for.  And I am apparently turning into a creepy old lady who drools over teenage boys.  Ewww.  

Either way we were giddy with excitement and I braved staying up WAY past my sick girl bedtime to see the midnight showing of New Moon!  Do I look sick? I am.  I was pumped full of drugs and avoided as many cameras as I could.  This is just a courtesy photo to prove that I was there.  There was NO WAY I was going to miss this though!

Cute Kjersten and I being dorks.  We went to our friend Allison's house for a pre-party and then headed over with about 70 other women to the CRAZY theater.  (ps...Allison, you are now one of my new BFF...thank you again for noticing, that made my night! )  

Can you BELIEVE this?  I would've had a lot more fun had I not been sick. I got to feeling all clammy and suffocated just by trying to make our way through this madhouse.  And there weren't as many people to make fun of this year.  Just a lot of stupid ones buying $15 Edward/Jacob drink cups.

We did spot three of the Volturi sitting three rows down from us.  That was hilarious.

Overall - my movie review?  The movie rocked.  WAY better than the book and it's amazing what a little amp in the movie budget can do.  Wolf eyes in the forest a little Disney-esque, Edward's abs a little too pale and look like they could slice a girls hipbone in half.  They were that sharp!  Yuck.  Jacob was divine and I was even impressed by little Miss Dakota Fanning.  That scene where the people get eaten freaked me out in the book and just as much so in the movie.  Jasper still has bad hair but thank goodness someone helped out Rosalie and Alice.

For sure worth waiting up all night to go!!

Have you seen New Moon yet?  What did you think?


Nic said...

ahhhhh........I can't wait!!! We have tickets for tomorrow!!! I have to say Taylor does look pretty hot EVEN though I'm a team Edward fan =)

Chris said...

Well, I know I already told you, but I must profess my love once again. This movie was sensational! I could watch it again and again. As a matter of fact, I totally forgot Dakota Fanning was in it until you said that! What a great scene!

By the're lying. You're not sick. Did you see that picture of you? Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you liked it. Now I am (don't you dare repeat this) KIND OF looking forward to seeing it for Kendrick's Birthday. By the way you look REALLY cute in that photo:)

Melinda said...

You looked great in that picture Kristen! Couldn't tell from it that you were sick at all. You've got me all excited to see New Moon now. I didn't go to the midnight showing. My dad was in town, and he's definitely not a fan. But, while we were getting Gelato in Daybreak, we did see some women in prom dresses, and one in skanky leather get up, heading to the movie. Glad it was a good time.

Allison said...

I agree that you look awesome in that picture! I hated the first movie. I just sat and picked it apart. But this one was pretty good. They actually spent money this time which make a big difference. Thanks for coming!