Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Facebook Problems

So I went back onto Facebook the other night to get some email addresses of friends that I want to keep in touch with, even though I really don't want to be on Facebook right now.

I had done an edit or two (who WAS Kenny K? I still have no clue!)
But over half of my friends were completely deleted!
Unless they deleted me, but I don't think that 90 something people would delete me in 3 weeks?

So strange and now I have no way to contact you friends!

I really hope that a few of you who read this blog will send me an email

I am very sad about this!


KJlovesBubba said...

Not that I deleted you, but I do go through about every other week and delete those friends who aren't active or who I just don't conversate or share anything with. Maybe some did that because you aren't there, so to speak.

Marla said...

Kristen - I have to laugh! I never remembered who Kenny K was either! And I deleted him too. (along with many others) I mean really, how do I know you didn't grow up to be a pedophile? Really! That was in the early days of FB and now, if I don't remember you or never really knew you well, then I IGNORE YOU! I'm so rude!

Cindy said...

I hope you didn't get hacked!