Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Two, or "How Many More Minutes Till We Get to the Apartment, mom?"

We stayed in Liberty, Missouri and took the kids to see Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith and others were imprisoned for several months.
Not to sound rude, I am all for history, but it's not really at the top of my list to go and see church historical sites. Maybe because it was a prison and not a pretty cathedral.
A jail is a jail folks.
The woman there was really nice and gracious to give us the "We only have a 1/2 hour and we have small and wiggly children" tour. Whew! Graham and Greg really like looking at the jail, seeing how the men were in a cell that most of them couldn't even stand upright in (for months!) and Graham is now asking me at mealtime, "Is this food poisoned?"

Look at the orbs in my photo there -oooh. Spooky.
And this was the rest of the day. LuLu finally gave in to sleeping in the car! For some reason she only slept when I was driving. Thus not enabling me to take any decent car naps.

We passed through Lincoln, NE and I cannot tell you what a cute place that is. From what I saw. Which was Lincoln, NE without any snow. With snow might be a different story. But the views from the road were gorgeous!

We ate at Taco Bell and the boys thumbed up their noses at it. Chris would NOT be happy about this.


kjtroxel said...

Yes, spooky orbs but looking at Lulu's lovly lashes settled me a bit!