Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding

Joseph Smith Memorial Building - I had a darling apartment one block from here so when Dan and I were dating, we would take a lot of walks at night downtown around these buildings. He proposed to me on the mezzanine of the building, so it made sense to hold our reception there also.
Salt Lake LDS Temple (where my great-grandparents and Dan's grandparents were married)
My keyboard is SO messed up today - sorry!! Here is Kelly's Show Us Your Life - Receptions and Honeymoons! After our wedding in the Salt Lake LDS Temple, we had our wedding luncheon and reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (Old Hotel Utah) in downtown Salt Lake on the 10th floor. Thank you to my in-laws again for the wonderful luncheon and my mom and dad for the TWO great receptions!! My friend, Nanette did my flowers and they.were.gorgeous! I spent a TON (wholesale, sorry!) on my flowers (I'm a florist, how would I not?!) and it was well worth it!

We had a awesome DJ and the BEST dessert buffet you could dream of! YUM!
I seriously gasped when I saw this! I was soo happy. Topiary centerpieces! Lots of apples, artichokes and grapes for fall.
Dan saying "Let's GO!" No digital photos of honeymoon - we went to San Fransisco and drove down the coast for reception #2 in my hometown, Thousand Oaks. The honeymoon was fun (I'll write our rental car story another time!) Thanks (if you got this far) for stopping by!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Hahaha... your poor keyboard!

But I do love your photos. Your flowers were gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I have hungry pregnant brain though, so I just have ONE question: What flavor was the cake?

Kristen said...

From top to bottom: White cake with lemon filling, chocolate with chocolate ganache filling, marble cake with chocolate filling and another layer of chocolate with ???

We ate the top layer in our apt for an anniversary and it was SOOO good. Which made me sad because I don't even remember serving the cake at the reception? I HOPE we did - I think it's a crime to have a wedding without cake!

kjtroxel said...

I know I had dessert...probably two knowing me ;)
I remember you cutting cake and I remember the spectacular flowers and gushing bride and groom...a groom who just wanted to get out of there and onto the next step ;) Let's go!

Chris said...

...Gayle says, "How high?", right? Hey, I linked to you on my blog the other day. Did you see it?

Your wedding/reception was fabulous! I stopped in my tracks at the topiary, too. It was perfect!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Love your flowers - love your cake. Nice job.

NatRat said...

I love the flowers. So pretty. We had our wedding luncheon here too, I loved it! I want to see some more of the wedding photos you cute couple!