Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bring Me Kleenex Tomorrow

Wasn't I just taking his first day of school picture? How is it that he is done with Kindergarten forever tomorrow? He has grown up so much this past year. I mean, the boy has offered to do the dishes, made his bed and mine yesterday AND got up from dinner to offer to refill my water glass. He brings his laundry hamper downstairs when it gets full.
What is going on?
WHO is his amazing mother?
Totally kidding, I am his lucky mother!
I love my Grahamie and as excited as I am for him to grow up I still am allowed to be sad at the same events.
We went and picked up his teacher gift for tomorrow. Look at the size of those cookies!! I put a Dixie Cup next to compare for you - we went with a 1/2 dozen of them with the cheesy phrase, "You've been an Over the Top amazing teacher!" (Since the cookies were from the store Over the Top - get it? Get it? Oh my gosh I kill myself with my creativity some days.) We of course had to sample one and yummmmmm! They are so good!
Graham had his Kindergarten program today. He did GREAT!! Got up on the stage and I have video proof that he sang a few words. (I know - shut up!) My super shy boy did fantastic.

Another proud moment for me, all the kids had to write down their favorite book for the show...

Graham answered:

The scriptures and Dr. Suess's The Sneetches.
I about fell off my chair.

This was one of the FOUR girls who wanted his picture taken with him...she was trying to put her arm around him and he just stepped waaaayyyyyy back.

But right now he has a little friend crush on this cute girl in blue.
Won't say names since I don't want to jinx anything and I am really crossing my fingers for this to work out in 17 or 18 more years. Doesn't Greg look tall (hard to tell with a cup in his face but he has grown over an inch in the past month!)
Graham and one of his good buddies, K. Cutest kid - I am sad they are not in the same class next year but they'll see each other on the playground I'm sure.
And I couldn't leave LuLu out - this is from Saturday when my two nephews were baptized. Turns out she likes homemade rootbeer and/or party supplies like her mom. Too cute. My friend Cindy in Alabama made this dress for her - I need to do a little photo shoot at the park with her in it to show off her amazing work!


Chris said...

I'm sorry. All I can think about is that cookie. That looked so. good. Lucky teacher! Amazing how quickly kids grow up, isn't it? You know, Olivia just "graduated" kindergarten, too. I guess that means you and I will be going through proms and graduations together, eh? We're stuck in this relationship of ours for YEARS. I'll leave you to ponder that for a minute...

Parker said...

Too Cute.
It does seem like just yesturday that you were showing us First day of school photos of Graham. I found one of his baby photos the other day. The one where he was wearing his easter outfit and he still had cute little chubby legs.
You are amazing.
love you,

Heidi said...

I can't believe it! He was so little when we all moved into the neighborhood! These kids are growing up too fast and I still think of them as babies.

We went to Over the Top tonight for the first time - they are great cookies!

kjtroxel said...

Oh that cookie does look delish!
I'm with you ... excited for my kids new adventures and skills, but so sad they are getting big. I think I may die when they leave for missions/college/marriage...yikes!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

So handsome and growing fast! Hope he has a happy summer.

Anonymous said...

I do love that dress of Lauren's!! So cute! Just make sure you save one of your boys for my Taylor. How fun would that be to share grandkids?

NatRat said...

just wait until 1st grade starts and then you will really need the kleenex. i think it was harder for me than kindergarten. just a little warning. they grow up way too fast.

Amber B. said...

He is so cute! They grow so fast. Mine just turned 3 and I know he will be 30 before I know it!!!