Monday, April 13, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday?!

It's my birthday too!! Happy Belated Birthday to my awesome brother, Mike. We were born on the same day two years apart. I love this picture of him. It's not current (look at that thick head of hair) but it's one of the few I have of him and his great smile!
I loved sharing a birthday with him. He is cool, funny and someone I just love to be around. He has always treated me so great. I am so blessed to call him my brother. I love him dearly.

Mike and his wife Kelly sent LuLu her first Lilly dress for Easter. I thought she looked so sweet in it! (I have a feeling Mike knew nothing about this....thanks Kelly!)
Cute kids on the porch before church. I'm not sure where Greg's belt is. It was windy and freezing out so I got maybe three pictures. We might have a "re-do" photo shoot later in the week!
Easter morning. And no, LuLu did not eat that whole chocolate bunny.
Easter Bunny loot. The big hit? $1.99 microphones from Target!
At the church egg hunt and thoroughly enjoying a powdered doughnut. Graham discovered his first loose tooth this weekend. To say he is excited about this is an understatement.
Oh my gosh, please don't think I am a lame mom who gave her kid a Wal-Mart bag to go to the egg hunt with. Greg's basket broke in the basement cleaning and while I thought it would still be okay to use for a three minute hunt, to Greg it was unacceptable. He was near hysterics and begged for a grocery sack. He is so like me. He gets frustrated so easily and expects perfection. Poor guy. He recovered to have a great time and was pleased with his "loot."

The weekend was more Easter than birthday but I had some great friends who did nice things for me and I did get to sneak off for a pedicure in the middle of all the festivities. Dan and the kids spoiled with lovely gifts and it was a great day!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday (a day late)! I hope it was a great one.

Looks like everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend ~ gotta love chocolate bunnies, powdered doughnuts and a loose tooth ~ you guys were busy :)


Keysha said...

Happy Birthday! (At least you had one day of good weather!) Look at your cute Easter pictures and your incredible baskets! Hope you're well; and hope we can catch up tonight at book club. (I feel out of the loop and miss my fun neighbors!)

NatRat said...

Hope your Birthday was great! Looks like a fun filled weekend with Easter eggs:)

kjtroxel said...

What a great weekend!

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

You know the Dodo?!!! That's awesome! Then you understand how great the Tollhouse pie is...and the ham sandwich with honey mustard, and the turkey sandwich with melted cheese and bbq sauce...yum...

If you are in the city I think you're in (in case you don't want it revealed to all) you HAVE to have breakfast at Eggs in the City sometime. The french toast with berries on top is to-die-for.

Ok - I'll stop now.

Happy birthday!

Meredith said...

Hope you make it up to Greg next year with a new fancy basket-ha! Poor guy.

Love Lulu's Lily dress!! They look so cute all lined up. Looks like the Easter Bunny was good to them.