Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gift Registries

All I'm gonna say is if you are about to get married and committing your life to another person please do not show your love for each other by registering for Desitin and Legos.

If you seem to be not so serious about the institution of marriage then you will get a not so serious gift from me. Meaning I'll go cheap on you. (Oh RUDE!! Did she just say that? Yes, I did.)

(And don't get me started on putting your registry cards in the INVITE!!! For some reason that just irks me. We all know most people register at the same old places. I can do a search on your name. I have very few friends who are registering at Tiffany and Co these days. Thank goodness my sweet sister in law, Kelly knew that would be where Lauren would want her baby registry to be.)

On second thought, maybe this young and childless couple really just needs a book on etiquette a la Emily Post.

Rant over. Continue blog lurking!


Anonymous said...

i'm laughing. yet, so glad that it bugs someone else when people put their registry cards in with the invitation. no etiquette! i'm beginning to think that people don't understand how things should be done anymore. i received an invitation one monday afternoon for a baby shower on saturday. what happened to notice people?

Parker said...

Pretty Kristen,
I'm so with you about people who put their registry in the invitation. Not cool. I also think that email invitations to a wedding are a no no. If I don't get an offical invite, I don't send a gift. People are clueless and I see nothing wrong with giving Emily Post's book as a gift. I think it would be one of the most helpful gifts possible. Really, I do.
hugs to you, my Sister in Sass,

Jo said...

In general, I think an etiquette class should be attend on a regular basis. This would be helpful for so (so, so, so,) many. I'm more than a little tired of behaviors being excused or brushed over ~ they are now becoming acceptable because they have never been stopped.

Sorry, apparently a nerve was surfaced. : )

Amber B. said...

That is hilarious!!!

I knew a couple who registered at BB&B b/c they could return everything for cash. My sassy aunt came up with the (brilliant) plan to have everything monogrammed. We thought it was rude to plan to just return everything for the money.

Kerstin said...

If you think that is cousin registered for HOME PREGNANCY TESTS (two boxes to be exact) on their wedding registry.

Now...that is just gross.

kjtroxel said...

SERIOUSLY? Did they already have kids? Too funny!
I'm with you on the inserts...for a shower maybe, a wedding.NO!!!
Should a couple even register these days? The store may go bankrupt and close. Then how would people know what you'd want? Because why else would they come to your wedding except to give a gift!

Heidi said...

Totally true that registry stuff shouldn't go in the invite. I hate when you open the announcement and hundreds of little cards come falling out - how tacky!

MiMi Magnolia said...

Ok. I've been lurking but I must comment. I totally agree on the registry information in the invite. I actually told my misinformed SIL that if there was registry info in my invitation to her wedding (as she was planning to do) she was getting something, anything that was NOT on the registry! Begging for gifts is so tacky.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

This cracked me up. One couple I know of put a box of Twinkies on their Target registry as a joke and everyone thought it was so funny the couple ended up with more Twinkies than they could possibly eat in one lifetime.

The Desitin and Legos, though? What in the world?

Anonymous said...
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