Monday, March 16, 2009


I was volunteered by two so-called "friends" to do some flowers for our church. (Just kidding Kari and Allison, I really didn't mind it at all) I'm actually flattered that they thought of me to do it!
Normally the church buys fresh arrangements but at the last meeting they purchased them for, one of the men on the stand was allergic to flowers! So there went the flowers pushed off to the side!
So I was given the opportunity to make two arrangements that can be used multiple times and that won't cause anyone to sneeze. I love doing flowers but I always get really nervous wondering if the people I'm doing them for will like them! Luckily when they were picked up from my home yesterday there were sufficient "oohhs and ahhhs" to know they passed the test!

Do you do anything fun for your family and kids for St. Patrick's Day? I usually make green milk and a dinner of corned beef brisket with Irish soda bread. My friend Natalie takes traditions to a whole new level and I love that about her. So I'm copying her TONS this year.

Green milk and green pancakes - check. Leprechaun footprints, Blarney dust, pot of treats with gold - check. She does an all green dinner but I'll stick with our menu for now and maybe add some green jello with it. Should be fun!!


Darlene said...

great job on the arrangements. they are beautiful and lush!! wish I could smell them.

I am a St. Patty's loser. We actually don't do anything. Funny cause I get into holiday stuff. I am just so NOT Irish. That could be it?????

Parker said...

Pretty Kristen,

The flower arrangements are beautiful just like you. You always make things pretty. I have big plans to go to a St. Patrick's day parade where they throw cabbage at the parade goers. I'm super excited about it.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about Natalie's traditions and now I might have to steal them too! I LOVE the flower arrangements you made-you are so stinkin' talented!!

Chris said...

Wow! You've been holding out on me! I had no idea you were so talented with arrangements. I am "the Oprah". I should know these things about my Gayle! Seriously, they are gorgeous! for St. Patty's day. My kids got a shamrock shake. Natalie's got nothin' on me! How's that for creative?

Allison said...

I'm so sorry! But you are so talented you are the only one I thought of. They really look beautiful. And I have to say YOU are amazing to have made green anything! This morning I was frantic to just find anything green for my kids to wear!

kjtroxel said...

The arrangments are beautiful! You are so talented. They picked the right girl!

Re St. Patty's day...check out my blog! No pics yet but I posted :)