Monday, January 19, 2009

Come ON Vermont!!

Look at what a beautiful little state way up in the north that you are. Don't you have ONE blogger there who wants to visit my little corner of the blogosphere?

Every other state has done it - now give in to a little peer pressure and make a stop by to say hello, won't you?

And WHO are the people from my hometown in California reading my blog but not being brave enough to say hello? HELLO!!! I know you are reading!!!

I've been a little introverted as of late. I do this from time to time and know this about me. Dan is sweet and calling it the Winter Blues. Which I agree with to some degree. I have had a lot on my mind. I have one dear friend making a very bad decision - I think, and I have been very sad for her. I have another sweet friend who has been on the horrible receiving end of mean gossip and a mess of lies. I have been both angry and sad for her. GRRR - gossipy people!!!! (I am including myself as one who needs to learn to watch my mouth better so maybe this was a lesson for me as well.)
I have yet another friend who is trying to plan a basement remodel, plan her daughters first birthday, her son's 4th birthday, has had a 6 year old bouncing off the walls and STILL cannot find a good endocrinologist. (Oh wait, that friend is me!) Crimeny.

And I have had a constant prayer in my heart for those two sweet babies, Brayden and Harper. I don't even KNOW their mommies. I just know I've been so sad for them this whole weekend. I think every mother knows - you just want to go to the hospital, have your baby, be told they are perfect and go home. When Lauren was born there were some complications and she had trouble breathing - I didn't get to hold her for almost 12 hours. It felt like a lifetime to me. For some reason, God has given their families this trial. I am continuing to pray for their healing and that Kelly and Jenna can hold their sweet babies soon and take them HOME!


MaryCatherine said...

Gossip can really tear a person apart...I feel for your friend and will send up a prayer for her as well as your friends with the new little baby...Those mean ol' Winter blues can be a killer! January just has a way of doin' that to ya doesn't it? this is usually when I hint to my husband until he is irritated enough to buy me some pink roses...or I just go and buy them for myself! hee-hee! hang in there, girl!

shay said...

So I've been to Vermont before, does that count? hehehe.. I totally agree..what's up with all the lurkin in blogland? I get like 30 pageloads a day from Newbury Park and Canoga Park alone, but no one claims them and says hello---we don't bite in blogland, promise. I think I need to read about your blog fam with the complications. I know about that stuff all too well with Vivie having been born at 26 weeks and spending an LIFETIME in the NICU.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Good reminders that what we say can be very cutting.
Trials, does it not seem that everyone is having them? I think this is the time that we really need to spend on our knees and hold fast to our faith. It is the only thing that will see us through.....not in Vermont but sending a big Howdy from Utah!!!

Holly said...

Hello from Maryland! Somehow I made my way to your blog, but haven't said hello yet, so here I am. I needed that gentle reminder that we all need comments to make the (blogging) world go round!

KEYSHA said...

You're good to track your blog; I have no idea who comes and goes....(maybe because I could care less. It's not like my life is very interesting!)

I'm sorry about your friends! You're a good friend to be concerned about them....

Good luck with the party planning; I don't doubt they will both be amazing!

Jo said...

I'm not from Vermont but we have been there several times if that helps to fill the void :)

Watching friends make choices that you don't always feel the best are so painful. I've been there done that. I never really knew how much to say or how strong to state my opinion ~ so touchy! Good luck.


kjtroxel said...

love you! I have decided I don't care anymore...sticking to worrying about my family (you are in that family). Everyone else a wise woman once said...suck it!
Oh sorry...that was not the "G" version.

Kerstin said...

Hey Kristen!

It is me Kerstin from your neighborhood! I guess I could be considered an "unintentional lurker"...although I did post once. For these past few months I used my computer while feeding my baby.... and could not easily post with one free hand.

I love your blog...I hope you don't mind that I found it!


ExtraordinaryMommy said...

I definitely get a little less spunky in the winter months...and also blame it on my California upbringing. (and the fact that I now live in the Midwest) Valley Girl here....don't know where your home town is, but thought I would say hello.