Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brave Girl

I pass this Salvation Army on my way to the dentist and I am always tempted to stop, But with 3 kids in the car, never tempted enough. I was seriously scared to go by myself (Dan would NOT go with me) but I decided it's just like buying tampons the first time. You hate the thought of doing it, you're embarrassed to do it and then you just get over yourself and do it. So I went.

It is on the WRONG side town girls. I mean the turn your ring to the inside of your finger wrong side of town. While I was not talking to myself, I was the only one who seemed to speak English. And who showered that week.

Let me be honest. If my mother knew I was here she would be having a hissy fit. And that was just at the Dollar Store next door! They did have a lovely plastic rock with a topless frog perched on top with the words "MAGINE" carved into it. Priceless, but it could've been mine for $1!!

I would've taken a picture but I didn't want to open my purse and let anyone see I had about $5 in my Target Wallet and a heavily overplanned planner. The would be thieves would go crazy.

There wasn't even a Salvation Army there after all that! I risked my life to find that out!
So I high tailed it down the road to this fun place.

If it was sold and monogrammed incorrectly by Pottery Barn employees, it is sold here for still too high of a price mark up.

I found a suitcase AND a trick or treat pumpkin with Graham's name on them in perfect condition!! I was ELATED, I never see anything with his name. But how could I go home to one little boy Greg with nothing? So I left everything behind. Sad.

I did see a very amusing Halloween basket liner with the name "The F*** This Family" embroidered on it. I had to giggle. I wonder if one employee after name upon name just broke down. I'm going to guess that he got fired that day though!!


Rae said...

You definitely had an adventure! I love the analogy to tampon shopping!! I still feel a bit awkward buying them! :)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Great outlet with wrongly personalized items, how neat! I've been raised a bargin shopping, inluding thrift/consignment stores, because my mom is the best at it. If you know what you're looking for it is amazing what you can find for pennies.... including her fully lined Burberry raincoat with the tags still on it. Fabulous!

mali said...

I LOVE Downeast home! I used to get my kids the cutest PBKids quilts there! Sounds like you had another adventure though!!

Marla said...

Bravo to you for speaking English and having yourself a shower. If I found some good buys I would've braved it too!

Chris said...

As soon as I saw the first picture, I started laughing. While ours isn't on the worst side of town, I inevitably feel dirty the second I walk in. I gotta tell ya, though--I've found some great deals in there! Just keep your head down, don't look anyone in the eyes, and yell at your kids loudly in the store. You'll fit right in.

KEYSHA said...

Kristen, you are a riot! I have got to check out that Down East Outlet Center (I think I will pass on the Salvation Army store! Although, I had a favorite Thrift Store in Heber I used to go to regularly. Chad always laughed about me wearing clothes someone had pooped their pants in...Ha Ha. I just told him he was jealous of my fabulous finds!)

kjtroxel said...

You are so funny! My ward is doing an enrichment night on being "Thrifty" I was asked to talk about garage selling, thrift store buying. I didn't know I was insulted or if I should be flattered for being cool enough to know where to find such great things!
I am giving her your name...will you speak of your bravery?

Heidi and Judd said...

Oh that is scary! But I like Downeast, to bad nothing was worth it! They kind of over price stuff anyway, so dumb!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard....I thought I was the only one that turned my ring inward like that! lol
You are a hoot!! :D

Mrs. B said...

Well, I'm sorry you didn't have luck at that store, but I do have to say I'm glad I'm not the only one that has those bad experiences at thrift stores! They're totally scary. I never ever bring my kids to those places just because of the scary factor! The last time I was at Goodwill, some crazy person started having a conversation with me.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from another blog I hope you don't mind my joining in. I went to a Good Will store in ELGIN Illinois and a lady sneezed right on my daughter who was in her punkin seat. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I am all for a deal but to get germed on to get said deal is totally another story. By the way, you have beautiful kids. Thank you for sharing.
Christina ( a preemie momma)