Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bored of this yet? Too bad - Day 3!!

Good Morning! By Thursday 1/2 of Utah had made its way to Anaheim. Good thing Dan didn't wear his BYU football shirt that day. I was wishing I had on my U of U one though, let everyone think I'm a bad girl for going to "that" school!

In line...still.
Being pirates over on Tom Sawyer's Island. "Arghh!!" I've never been on the island in my life, so that was fun. The kids loved running around like crazy.
I have to mention that there used to be a ride over here called the "Mike Fink Keel Boats" a long time ago. My brother having the name Mike Fink - makes him pretty dang cool for having a ride with HIS name on it at Disneyland!

We sort of took it slow and easy, doing all the "leftover' things. I asked the guy at the monorail if we could ride in the front car since it was Graham's birthday celebration and my boys LOVE trains. They are still talking about this. They though they were the coolest. I was hot - that car was 100 degrees inside. But it was still pretty fun to do!
We had to see McQueen again of course. So again with the super fun Play Parade. "Have you got your paperwork?" This chick was scary and got right in my face!

We walked by the Haunted Mansion and Graham gave it his big thumbs DOWN!
Another little known fact, I got my first kiss while in the Haunted Mansion years ago. I was one of those hussies who picked up boys at amusement parks. Ha!!

We tricked the kids into going on Splash Mountain next and I thought Greg's heart was going to pound right out of his chest.

To calm them down we went by Woody's Roundup for a fun little western show and photo ops.
Greg liked meeting Woody. It was the only character he would take his picture with, which I find amusing since he hates that movie. The mean kid scares him.
Dan paid $12 (TWELVE) dollars for 2 (TWO) sugar cookies to decorate. Um, hello, that is like THREE bottles of water there, Mr. Budget "Don't spend any more money till Christmas." What a softie. The joke was on him when then kids ate the frosting and then wanted to take the cookies home. How do you throw out a cookie that costs $6 each? You don't. You pack them in your backpack and carry them aroun in 90 degree weather to get yuck and then throw them away in the hotel room after your kids go to sleep. "Graham and Greg, hold them straight up or, oh I am SO sorry he hit your baby with, GRAHAM, hold the lightsaber UP! Greg, if you cannot walk and hold that up, you are going to hit someone, GREGORY JOHN, stop dragging it on the ground, GRAHAM, hold that UP!"

My view 99.9% of the time while walking with slow pokie Greg. Look at those cute boys.

We ended the trip with the coolest firework show I have ever seen, I think I even got a little teary eyed feeling so grateful to be there with my boys. It was really amazing.

We rode the rockets a few more times where they again announced Graham's birthday and Greg's first visit. For being 4 in 1 million there at the park we felt like we got treated so wonderfully and so many things were done by cast members to make our stay special.

The last ride was the carousel again (of course) and we all went home a happy tired. My boys have never stayed up till midnight. Graham thought that was pretty cool and Greg fell asleep on his daddy's shoulders. How sweet is that?


AJ said...

I was laughing out loud about the lightsabres. Going anywhere with two kids and that many people is like a circus act:)

kjtroxel said...
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Heidi said...

So fun! You got some really great pictures, too.

kjtroxel said...

Hey I was in the car infront of you on the Haunted mansion/first kiss adventure :)
The light saber episode cracked me up! You sound a lot like me!
What a treasure the last three posts will be for your boys. You have such a good memory for detail.

(BTW...I deleated my own comment. I was typing so quickly I had a ton of errors..as usual!)

keysha said...

I can't believe you went to "that school"...the nerve Kristen. (At least Dan went to the right school;)

Your boys are so cute; and I love how well they get along. I bet they were having the time of their life being together. (Did they talk about cute little sister back home?)

Heidi & Oliver said...

I went to "that" school too! I love the light sabers - ah parenting...

ilovepink said...

How fun! Isn't it funny how much $ you spend on things you normally wouldn't when you are on vacation and it comes to your kids!!!! My husband still talks about the $10 balloon that "flew away" at Disney this past June!!! It is so much fun though to see that smile on their faces!

Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

You can still wear your red...after all, it IS the only TRUE school. Right? :0)

Cindy said...

I so want to go to Disneyland now! I love the pics. Your boys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

You were leaving right when we were coming--we were not smart enough to plan our trip during UEA, or maybe we were smart. Who knows. Cannot believe the Haunted Kissing Mansion got a thumbs down. That was my favorite of the trip. Glad you had fun and are not missing home too much out here in the middle of nowhere!