Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why I Love My Bookclub

I love my book club. I do. I really, really love it. I love to read.

I especially love the girls in Book Club. They are really the funniest group of girls I have ever met. I always get a much needed laugh in on Book Club night. Maybe because it starts late and we are all a little loopy and tired by then. I love that I get to send out the lame emails for book club and no one makes fun of me attempting to be funny at that.

But the bestpart is getting to see everyone else's house.
Because I have had this problem for the past four years:
The fear of committing to window treatments.

So I've done this instead:

"Oh, Kristen, that is soo cute! You have NOTHING on your windows.
Your creativity astounds me!"
(This what you, the reader (singular) would be saying.

And none on your bay window either? How did you know to do something so interior designtastic for your home? Your non finished windows make your house look, so well, like it did four years ago when you moved in.

(I do have a Ballard Chandelier in case anyone was coming to tar and feather me. That counts for something, right?
RIGHT!??) Which for some odd reason looks dwarfed in this photo, as well as my plate rack. I assure you that they are not and the scale of these pieces perfectly suit the room. I was not born under a decorating rock mind you.

But then I show up to lovely Keysha's home for Book Club and I notice something I had never noticed before in her house - her perfect window treatments. Ones that I don't have to buy (I have a hard time finding store bought ones, duh.) and simple enough that I might try reconcilation with my sewing machine. (Remember we were "on a break.")

I hope she knows that imitation is highest form of flattery, or something to that effect. Because by the time it is my turn to host the Dinner and Book Exchange in December, my house will have window treatments similar to hers! Wish me luck!!

Any advice on colors? I'm thinking a black with something gold in it as an accent maybe?


Chris said...

Pictures of your house!!!! Insert me dancing here! I love it. OKay...the curtains. It is my opinion that you should go with something lighter than black. Perhaps the reddish color that accents in your furniture or even a goldish (I think that's the color) in it. Black might be pretty "heavy" for the windows, and I think it would be better to use an accent color. Of course, I really think you should use a lime green that can be found in the baby swing so that it will make it blend into the room more. :) You do what you want, but I thought I'd add a thought--or 4.

KEYSHA said...

We love your book club wouldn't be the same if they were 'simple' and 'plain'.

I'm flattered by your quest to make window covers. (Super easy. If I can even attempt can accomplish it with flair).

I say go for something reddish. Not too bright, but a color to match the flowers on your couch.

The 5 Bickies said...

I love these photos and can't wait to see your curtains. I was going the say exactly what CHRIS already did, black might be too heavy. Something pulling out the rust and other colors in your beautiful furniture would be great!

I agree that photos I take of my home always lose something. Things appear to lose dimension. I trust you on your chandelier, etc and totally know what you mean.

As for bookclub, nothing better than a good bookclub, Mine is the best too and one of my favorite things to do!

Rae said...

Ooooh! A Ballard chandelier? How fabulous! I can't wait to see your curtains. As for color choice, my vote would be for a neutral, black being a fabulous choice in my book. I have learned over many years and 3 different houses to never choose a color for a major room component that will lock you completely into your current furniture. That's what little accessories are for: throws and pillows, decorative fillers, etc. You want a classic color that will withstand current color trends. There are countless neutrals that would work yet not be too boring. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense!! Hope I was a little bit of help!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Good luck and I know that they will be just beautiful.... hurry hurry cause I cant wait to see. my window in my den...naked poor thing... Now dont you feel sorry for me too! smiles....get to sewing girlfriend!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Well, I can't help you because I have not a single window treatment in my whole house. I got plantation shutters instead because the idea of choosing material and patterns and colors just overwhelmed me...but best of luck! I like the idea of black and gold, for what it is worth!

Allison said...

I love book club too! And I love your hilarious emails!

kjtroxel said...

I am no help here ... my windows are bare also, Its on the list of to dos!

I love your book club too. What a fun group of girls. My old ward had a good one but this one is blaaah so far. Your lucky!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

R U sure you got the right pants? Are they made of modal rayon and are super super big in the leg? I've not seen them in the store in forever and I never saw them in cropped. I have a couple of other pair of G&O pants but they are more cotton and the waist is more gathered when you pull the drawstring. That pair also gets really faded...just don't want you to be disappointed! :) Smooches!

Also?? I adore that chandelier, it's been on my list for a while. I keep hoping someone will return it to the Ballard outlet luck so far!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Oh, those are great! I have those with the ruffle in the long and short. How cute were you last night?!

The others have a ribbon drawstring.

Jo said...

I have the same problem with window treatments. In fact, I should be working on the one I started for my master bath, but I'd rather be doing this right now! :} Why is it that I have no problem slapping paint (of various colors) on walls but I can’t commit to something on my windows? Odd, I know!

Hmmmm ... I like the idea of a neutral color with a light pattern of reds to set off your furniture.

Love the chandelier!

NatRat said...

My favorite emails are the ones for me when it is my turn to host bookclub...I love how Edward talks to yummy!

I too love Keysha's she inspired me long ago and I have copied her since. They are soo easy and add so much. Good luck! Your house will look great with them.
PS...The hardest part is the measuring when you hang them. I am not to smart with numbers.

Aisha said...

Don't feel bad. I am living in our 3rd house and finally just ordered custom window treatments for our house! I am so excited! At least you are talented enough to make your own. I just pay out the nose for it!

AJ said...

Just found you through Just A Girl. Can't help you with your window treatments as I'm in the same predicament:) Love your blog though. Your kids are adorable!

Laurie said...

I have never been in your house before and it looks beautiful...and VERY clean! It has such a calming quiet feel to it. It looks like one of those rooms that I could just relax,sit on the couch and read a book. Care if I come over?