Saturday, August 9, 2008


I think it's really funny that on the day of my "No one writes thank you's anymore" rant that I got TWO!!!! I hope no one thought that I was fishing for one. I was just sayin'....

But Keysha sent her cutie Carsen over with a sweet note and then I came home to find Miss LouLou on my porch delivering cookies (oh YUM they were good!) and the sweetest note I have ever read. It made my day, maybe my whole month. I'm saving it though for days when I feel like crud, it was that good.

You girls are the best!!!

Got some great deals at yard sales this am...Gymboree dress and sweater for.50 cents EACH!! They are so cute. Brand new shirt for Graham, $1. New toys for Graham and Greg, $1 each (and they have been playing with them all day, priceless)

I LOVE yard sales. I'm such a nerd, but the thought of bringing home armfuls of clothes for Lauren that are like new for less than $10 total? How cool is that? She'll never wear the same thing twice!


kari and kijsa said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderfully kind comments during this difficult time. Every word made and is making a difference as we begin this new journey.

Thank you so much for your words of comfort and blessing,
kari & kijsa

Kim Hancock said...

Isn't that just how it goes. I've got several thank yous to write today!

The 5 Bickies said...

I LOVE yard sales and good finds. I went to an estate sale this weekend and found some great finds. I'll post later.